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Concrete Retesting FAQs

What if my project is put on “Hold” because I am required to retest the concrete?

The licensed engineer overseeing the retesting should provide the Department with an interim report. This report should include:

  • A visual inspection required by Buildings Bulletin 2009-014 (PDF) section 3.1, indicating there were no deficiencies identified that will further affect construction or temporary occupancy. Any deficiencies identified still need to be addressed in accordance with the NYC Construction Codes and Buildings Bulletin 2009-014.

  • A plan for testing in accordance with Buildings Bulletin 2009-014 (PDF) section 3.4, including a schedule and proposed completion date.

If my project required additional testing, what do I have to submit?

Submit a Concrete Retesting Report as per Buildings Bulletin 2009-014 (PDF). Submission requirements:

  • The job’s applicant of record must sign, seal and submit the report.

  • All required supporting documents are included, such as test reports.

  • The report includes the following statements:

    1. The number and location of the tests meet the requirements outlined in Buildings Bulletin 2009-14 (PDF)

    2. The concrete meets the strength requirements specified in the design documents or the concrete does not meet the strength requirements specified in the design documents, but a structural analysis of the affected areas found the equivalent concrete strength was acceptable.