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The Buildings Scan and Capture Application Network (B-SCAN) scans the contents of job folders* to enable electronic processing, storage and online retrieval of documents associated with New Building and Alteration job filing applications.

  • Provides online access to current job filing documents via BISWeb.
  • Enhances security and control over job filing documents.
  • Enables simultaneous viewing of job filing documents.
  • Enhances BISWeb with visual verification of accepted documents.
  • Eliminates need to visit borough offices to access job folder documents.


All building plans must conform to Department guidelines or the plans will not be approved.
View guidelines (PDF)


Place the bar code sticker horizontally on:

  • The plan folder
  • The first page of every document
  • The PC Full Checklist (with PC Full Report attached)
  • Each page of the building plan (stickers placed on an angle may delay scanning process) 
  1. Keep extra stickers with you, not in the folder.
  2. Visit the Customer Service area for more stickers.
  3. Keep all documents with you until the document is required in the job filing process.
  4. Documents not yet required will be placed in a retrieval basket in the Borough Office for your convenience.
  5. Submit all pages, including blank pages, of multi-page documents.
  6. If you have been contacted to return a document for scanning to the Buildings Department, your job will be placed “on-hold” until the document is received by the Borough Manager's Office.
  7. Submit one original copy of all forms, except for the following forms, which require 2 original copies:
    1. DEP forms (ACP5)
    2. Equipment Use cards

* The following items are not submitted for imaging: 
  • Objections
  • Photos
  • Receipts