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Boiler Inspection Report Guideline

Boiler Inspection Reports (BO9 and BO13 forms) will not be processed if you do not include the following information:

  • Property Information
  • Device Error
  • Inspection Date
  • Defects Identified
  • Defect Summary
  • Inspector Signature
  • Inspector Seal
  • Inspection Type

Reports that are missing required information are considered incomplete and will be rejected by the Department. For complete boiler inspection report requirements, see applicable provisions of the NYC Administrative Code and Department rules.

Rejected Reports

If your report is rejected, you must submit a new complete report with the missing information and the applicable filing fee. A rejected report cannot be re-submitted. Filing fees will be collected for all reports submitted, regardless of previous submissions and fees paid.

Failure to file a complete report within the required time frame may result in the issuance of civil penalties.

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Reference Materials:
Article 303 of Title 28 of the NYC Administrative Code
1 RCNY 101-07 (PDF)
1 RCNY 103-01 (PDF)
1 RCNY 103-05 (PDF)