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Boiler First Test Inspections

New boiler installations and boilers that have undergone minor repair work or alteration must be inspected by the Department before use. This Department inspection is known as the First Test Inspection.
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Passed Inspections

Upon passing the First Test Inspection, the Department will issue the boiler a registered boiler number. You do not need to file an annual inspection report during that inspection year.

Failed Inspections

If defects are found, the boiler will fail the First Test Inspection. Defects must be corrected and the boiler re-inspected before the Department can issue a boiler registration number. Boilers put into use that have not passed the First Test Inspection and received a registration number are considered unregistered and may be issued an ECB violation. An annual boiler inspection is also required to avoid annual violations.

Annual Inspection Report

If you failed the First Test Inspection but passed the re-inspection before the end of the current calendar year, you can file a Boiler Waiver of Penalties (BWP Form) to dismiss any violations that may have been issued as a result of failing to file the annual report.

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