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Approved Agencies Overview

Approved Agencies must meet qualifications and duties outlined in Section C of the Approved Agency Rule.
Approved Agency Rule (PDF)

Types of Approved Agencies

Material and Equipment Certification Agencies

Material and Equipment Certification Agencies test, evaluate and certify materials and equipment for compliance with the Construction Codes.

Approved Inspection Agency

Inspection agencies evaluate building products for continuous compliance with applicable standards through the listing period. These agencies are qualified to conduct periodic, unannounced, follow-up factory inspections. Inspection agencies will also have the authority to label products.

Approved Testing Agency

Testing agencies test and evaluate the performance of the materials and equipment regulated in their use by the 2008 Construction Codes.

Progress Inspection Agencies

Progress Inspection Agencies perform progress inspections. Inspections must be performed by a registered design professional with relevant experience, or a person under his or her direct supervision.

Elevator Inspection Agencies

Elevator Inspection Agencies conduct periodic elevator inspections and tests required by section 28-304.6 of the Administrative Code.

Boiler Inspection Agencies

Boiler Inspection Agencies conduct periodic boiler inspections required by section 28-303.2 of the Administrative Code.

Concrete Testing Laboratories

Concrete Testing Laboratories are licensed to test and inspect concrete to be used in construction.
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Concrete Testing Laboratory License

Exterior Wall Inspection Agencies

Exterior Wall Inspection Agencies conduct inspections and examinations of a building’s exterior walls and appurtenances. Inspections must be performed by or under the supervision of a Qualified Exterior Wall.
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Qualified Pipe Welders

Welders performing pipe welding for gas (as required by section FGC 406.1.1.1) and high pressure steam (as required by section MC 1210) must be qualified for all required pipe sizes, wall thickness and positions. Qualified pipe welders must be qualified by an approved agency for qualifying pipe welders.
Pipe Welder Qualification Requirements (PDF)

Approved Agencies for Qualifying Pipe Welders

Pipe welder qualifying agencies qualify pipe welders for gas pipe welding as required by section FGC 406.1.1.1 and high pressure steam pipe welding as required by section MC 1210.
List of Approved Agencies for Qualifying Pipe Welders (PDF)

Approved Fabricators

Approved fabricators custom manufacture or build products or assemblies regulated by the NYC Construction Codes and are exempt from Special Inspection requirements.
List of Approved Fabricators (PDF)

Approved Concrete Producers

Concrete producers perform and file concrete mix designs with the Department of Buildings without the use of a licensed concrete testing laboratory. See Buildings Bulletin 2011-008.
List of Approved Concrete Producers (PDF)

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Approved Agency Rule (PDF)