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NYC Buildings App

The NYC Buildings mobile application (app) provides users with many of the Department's most popular search features found on its website in a convenient and easy-to-use mobile app. Information users can search for includes: 

  • Individual Properties
  • Job Applications
  • Electrical Applications
  • Limited Alteration Applications (minor plumbing work)

The app also includes pertinent contact information for the Department and brings real-time push notifications from the Department to users device.

Use the links below to learn more about the NYC Buildings app. Please note that the screenshots below are taken from the app on an Android but all instructions apply to both Androids and iOS versions of the app.

Home Page

The Home Page is the first page users see when they open the app. The page provides users access to the following features:



The NYC Buildings mobile app brings push notifications from the Department to users mobile devices. Notifications received include:

  • Weather Notices
  • Service Notices
  • Communications from the Buildings Department

Also, there is no need to worry about missing or deleting a notification because all active notifications will always be viewable by clicking on the Notification Icon (exclamation mark icon) in the upper right corner of the Home Page.

Note: All notifications displayed in the accompanying screenshot are for display purposes only.


Address Search

The Address Search page allows users to search for property information using the street address of the property. All fields must be filled out for the search to work.  


Mobile Property Profile

The Mobile Property Profile allows users to search for properties and view pertinent information about properties throughout New York City. Users can also see the searched for location on a map via the See This Address on a Map button.Information users can view includes:

  • Location Information
    • BIN, Block, Lot, etc.
  • Designations
    • Landmark status, building classification, etc.
  • Total Numbers of:
    • Jobs/Filings filed for the property (with a link to access jobs within the application)
    • Complaints
    • Violations (ECB/DOB)

Jobs Lists

A list of jobs that have been filed for a property can be viewed by clicking on the Jobs button on the Mobile Property Profile page. The Jobs page contains high-level information on the 20 (maximum) most recent jobs filed for a property and links to access those Jobs within the NYC Buildings app. If there are more than 20 jobs filed for a prooperty, users can click on a button to access the additional jobs via the Department's Buildings Information System (BIS) in their mobile deveice's web browser.  



A map of where a property is located can be viewed using the Maps button on the Mobile Property Profile page. The Maps give users a view of the selected property on a map for reference.


Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page allows users to search for properties by usig the property's Borough, Block, and Lot (BBL) number and provides users with the ability to search for the below work applications. Use the collapsible buttons to view each of the available search options.

  • Jobs
    • The docuemnt number is not required
  • Limited Alteration Applications (LAA) (minor plumbing work)
  • Electrical

Jobs, LAA and Electrical Applications

The Application Information pages for job, LAA and electrical applications each provide users with similar information on the selected application, including:

  • Summary information on the premise of the job, the job/application number and the application's status 
  • Owner Information
    • Note: This information is not available on LAA applications
  • Applicant/licensee Information


The Favorites page allows users to bookmark properties and work applications and quickly access them whenever they want. Users can add a record to their favorites by clicking on the Add to Favorities button on each applicable page in the app. Up to 50 records can be saved as favorites. Records can be removed from users' favorites by pressing the red button to the right of the record users want to delete.


Recent Searches

The Recent Searches page allows users to quickly access properties and work applications which have been searched for recently in the app. Up to 10 records can be saved as recent searches. As additional searches are conducted, the least recent search stored will be replaced.



The Contacts page allows users to quickly access information on how to contact and stay in touch with the Department. There is also an About button on the contacts page that users can use to access information about the Department's Administration. It also provides information on the mobile app itself. Contact information available on the Contacts page includes:



If you have additional questions, please send an email to the Department at