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Technical Policy and Procedure Notice #3/07



October 23, 2007


Removal of Damaged Sprinkler Systems in Connection with Demolition or Gut Rehabilitation Projects



Purpose:Establish a uniform procedure to process variance requests for the removal of damaged existing sprinkler systems in buildings undergoing demolition or gut rehabilitation.


Building Code Section 27-106, Section 27-1014(b)(4) and Departmental Memorandum dated January 22, 1980.


In accordance with Building Code Section 27-1014(b)(4), the sprinkler system shall be maintained during demolition operations except for the floor being demolished. In accordance with Building Code Section 27-106, the Fire Commissioner shall also enforce the provisions relating to the maintenance of fire preventive and fire extinguishing equipment and devices including sprinkler systems.

Requests for a variance from the requirements of Section 27-1014(b)(4) shall be limited to requests to remove a damaged or inoperable sprinkler system in connection with demolition or gut rehabilitations. Such requests shall be filed with the Department as an Alteration Type II by a licensed professional in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. The filed application shall include a complete report prepared by the professional describing the extent of the damage and attesting as to why the system cannot be restored.

  2. Upon review of such report, the plan examiner shall issue an objection stating "Removal of existing sprinkler system requires review and concurrence by the Fire Department." The examiner shall enter "FDNY concurrence is required prior to removal of sprinkler system" as a required item to be satisfied prior to plan approval.

  3. The applicant shall file the variance with the Fire Department, Division of Fire Prevention.

  4. The Fire Department shall review and recommend any necessary safety measures as a condition to granting the variance.

  5. The applicant shall submit the Fire Department's recommendation to the Department of Buildings plan examiner along with proof of satisfactory completion of such safety measures.

  6. Upon satisfactory review of the submission, the plan examiner may approve the application, at which time the applicant can proceed with the permit.

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