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Department Statistics

The Department publishes Monthly and Weekly statistical reports containing detailed information regarding job filings for new buildings and alterations, permit issuance, signs, complaints and dispositions. These reports are described below. The information contained in these reports is supplied by the applicant and/or filing representative; therefore, the Department cannot guarantee its accuracy.

Another statistics report that provides the agency performance highlights and statistics is the Mayor’s Management Report (MMR). These reports are published by the Mayor’s Office of Operation twice a year. For other City agencies MMR reports, visit the Mayor’s Office of Operation website.

These reports can be downloaded in two formats, Excel 97 ® spreadsheet and Adobe® Acrobat® format. The Excel 97 ® spreadsheet format allows you to organize the information by borough, job or permit type, etc. All these files are self-extracting zipped files with .zip extension.

For a quick review of codes, see the documents below:
 BIS Job Status and Permit Types (PDF)
 BIS Complaint Disposition Codes (PDF)
 BIS Complaint Category Codes (PDF)

Report Descriptions

  1. Construction Related Accident Reports - These reports contain information on the number of accidents at construction sites,which are incidents that resulted in an injury and/or fatality. The Accident Summary Report is a summary of calendar year-to-date accidents. The detailed monthly report is a list of all accidents for the reported month and includes the accident date, address, a description of the accident, owner name, contractor name, and violations issued.

  2. Stalled Construction Sites Report – This report provides an overview of sites across the five boroughs where construction activity has come to an abrupt halt.

  3. Job Report - This report contains a list of all applications or "jobs" filed in a particular month. Included is information about type of job filed, location of job, status of job, estimated cost of job, zoning district, building type, name of applicant, etc.

  4. Permit Report - This report contains a list of all permits issued in a particular month. Included is information about the type of permit issued, location of permit, permit issuance date, permit expiration date, name of permittee, etc.

  5. Sign Report - This report contains a list of all sign applications filed in a particular month. Included is information about the type of sign, location of sign, status of application, community board, zoning district, name of applicant, dimensions of sign, etc.

  6. Complaint Report - This report contains information on the status of complaints received and how they are dispositioned. Includes community board number, the dates each complaint was received and inspected, and the disposition of the complaint.

  7. Cellular Antenna Report - This report contains a list of all Alteration Type 3 applications or "jobs" for cellular antenna filed in a particular week. Included is the name, business address, and business telephone number of the applicant, the date of the application, the date the permit was issued, the location for which the permit was issued, including premises address and zoning district, and the number of permits issued for such purpose at the same location since July 5, 2005.

  8. MMR Report - These reports are directly from the Mayor’s Office of Operation website.

Mayor’s Management Report (MMR) – provides performance highlights and statistics for City agencies, as well as data on inquires received by the 311 Citizen Service Center. The MMR, which is mandated by the City Charter (Section 12), serves as a public report card on City services affecting the lives of New Yorkers. The MMR is released twice a year. The Preliminary MMR (PMMR) differs from the MMR in terms of its focus. The PMMR provides an early update of how the City is performing four months into the fiscal year. In contrast, the MMR, published each September, looks back retrospectively at the City's prior fiscal year performance.

For archive reports from 1997 to 2006 and other City agencies MMR reports, visit the Mayor’s Office of Operation website.

Buildings staff will respond to your request as mandated by the Freedom of Information Law. If the information you require is not available on the website, please contact our Records Access Officer.