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Codes and Reference

Effective Date for 2014 NYC Construction Codes: December 31, 2014.

The NYC Construction Codes consist of the General Administrative Provisions, Building Code, Plumbing Code, Mechanical Code, Fuel Gas Code, and Energy Conservation Code.

2014 Construction Codes
2008 Building Code
Energy Code

All other codes, bulletins, code notes, rules, and local laws can be accessed at these locations:

1968 Building Code
Electrical Code
Buildings Bulletins
Code Notes
Selected Local Laws

NOTE: Not all applicable laws are on our website. Please consult a New York State licensed professional to determine which laws apply to your project(s).


Additional Exit Stairway/Occupant Evacuation Elevator (OEE) Requirements
Under the 2014 NYC Construction Codes, new requirements for additional exit stairway/ occupant evacuation elevators (OEE) in all new non-residential buildings greater than 420 feet in height go into effect for applications filed beginning July 1, 2015. For more information see 2014 NYC Building Code §403.5.2.
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