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Commissioner’s December 2013 Forum Presentations:
Update on Hub Plan Review and Inspections
Building New York: A Strategy to Improve NY City Construction and Development

Commissioner’s September 2013 Forum Presentations:
Commissioner’s Forum - Hub Inspection Ready
NYC Development Hub Virtual A2 A3 Plan Exam
NYC Development Hub Skyscraper Project Pilot

Commissioner’s June 2013 Forum Presentations:
Commissioner’s Forum Overview
Construction Fence + Shed Signage
Hurricane Sandy Update
Local Law 87 Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning
NYC Development Hub Electronic Filing Initial After Hours Variances
NYC Development Hub Inspection Service Update
NYC Development Hub Virtual A2 A3 Plan Exam
Retaining Walls and Compromised Structures

Construction Safety Week 2013 Presentations:
Course Provider Special Inspector
Creating BIM Site Safety Plans
Developing in Flood Zones
Elevator Maintenance + Repair
Mast Climber Safety
Powering Electric Cranes
Safety Overview + C-Joists
Site Safety Plans - BIM Advantage

Construction Safety Week 2012 Presentations:
Safety Plan Reviews in 3D
Engineering Solutions in Safe Construction
Best Practices in High-Rise Construction
Facade Maintenance and Repair
Elevator Construction, Maintenance and Repair
3D Site Safety Plans
Excavations, Scaffolds & Interior Renovations
Concrete Enforcement 

Selected Commissioner's Forum Presentations:
June 20, 2012 (PDF)
September 14, 2012 (PDF)

2010 Wind Forum Presentations:
Brooklyn Navy Yard Case Study
Standards and Tests Small Wind Turbines
Urban wind turbines in The Netherlands