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Operations Policy And Procedure Notices

Issuance #539

Operations Policy And Procedure Notices #3/98


May 27, 1998


Permit Holder Withdrawal Procedure




To establish a uniform procedure for processing a permit holder withdrawal from a permitted job.


  1. Permit holders who wish to withdraw from a job must notify the Borough Commissioner in writing indicating a proposed effective date for the withdrawal and enclose all permits issued for the job.
  2. Upon receipt of the permit holder's letter, the Borough Commissioner:
  1. Sends an inspector to the site to issue a stop work order for all work for which the withdrawing permit holder was issued permits. The inspector will also determine if the withdrawing permit holder has made the site safe. No withdrawal will be processed further unless the site has been made safe.
  2. Sends a "ten-day" letter to the owner and the filing applicant indicating that the permit holder has withdrawn, that all work at the site must stop and that the permits will be revoked in ten days. The letter will also indicate that a new contractor must apply for and receive new permits from the Department before the stop order will be lifted and work can continue.
  3. Revoke the returned permits in BIS after the ten days have passed.