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Energy Code: Training Modules

The Department offers the following six training modules on the Energy Code in pdf and power point format. The modules are useful for architects, engineers, plan examiners, builders, inspectors, owners and others, both in the construction industry and within the Department. The Department encourages interested parties to download the modules, reproduce them without alteration and/or use them for live presentation for educational purposes. The modules may not be used for commercial purposes.

Lighting Module (pdf)
Lighting Module (ppt)

Administrative Module (pdf)
Adminstrative Module (ppt)

Residential Module (pdf)
Residential Module (ppt) 

Commercial Envelope Module (pdf) 
Commercial Envelope Module (ppt) 

Commercial HVAC-1 Module (pdf) 
Commercial HVAC-1 Module (ppt) 

Commercial HVAC-2 Module (pdf) 
Commercial HVAC-2 Module (ppt)