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Energy Code: Key Definitions

The following terms are used throughout these guidelines and may require some explanation or clarification. 

Approved Progress Inspection Agency: An agency that is approved by the department as qualified to perform one or more of the progress inspections required by section BC 109 of the Building Code [1 RCNY §101-07(a)(5)]. Registered design professionals with relevant experience shall be deemed approved progress inspection agencies without further requirement of registration or accreditation, for the purpose of conducting the progress inspections required by section BC 109.3 [1 RCNY §101-07(c)(3)(iii)] 

Building: Any structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy. The term shall be construed as if followed by the phrase “structure, premises, lot or part thereof” unless otherwise indicated by the text  [Section 28-101.5 of the Administrative Code] 

Building Thermal Envelope: The basement walls, exterior walls, floor, roof, and any other building element that encloses conditioned space. This also includes the boundary between conditioned space and any exempt or unconditioned space [2011 NYCECC] 

Commercial Building: For the purpose of this code, all “Group R Buildings” and buildings that are not included in the definition of “residential buildings” below  [2011 NYCECC] 

Design Applicant: An applicant of record who develops, signs and seals the construction drawings. The design applicant may be someone other than the registered design professional who prepares, signs and seals the energy analysis [1 RCNY §5000-01] 

Group R Buildings: For the purpose of this code, commercial buildings when used as described in the New York City Building Code, Section BC 310 as R-1 uses (e.g., transient hotels) or any of the following building uses when the building is more than 3 stories in height:  R-2 (e.g., apartment building or dormitory use) or R-3….  [2011 NYCECC]  

Lead Energy Professional: The registered design professional who signs and seals the energy analysis for an entire project. The lead energy professional may be the same person as the registered design professional who signs and seals the design drawings for the same project [2011 NYCECC] 

Project: A design and construction undertaking comprised of work related to one or more buildings and site improvements. A project is represented by one or more plan/work applications, including construction documents compiled in accordance with Section BC 106 of the New York City Building Code, that relate either to the construction of a new building or buildings or to the demolition or alteration of an existing building or buildings. Applications for a project may have different registered design professionals and different job numbers, and may result in the issuance of one or more permits [2011 NYCECC]  

Residential Building: For the purposes of this code, detached one- and two-family dwellings and multiple single-family dwellings (townhouses) less than 4 stories in height above grade, manufactured homes (as defined in Executive Law Section 601[7]), and factory manufactured homes (as defined in 19 NYCRR Section 1209.1[g]).  R-3 buildings, as well as R-2 … buildings less than 4 stories in height above grad [2011 NYCECC]