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Materials and Equipment Acceptance (MEA) Index

Last Updated: September 5, 2008

The Department will continue to recognize previously-issued MEA and BSA product approvals, as per section 28-113.2.6 of the administrative code. Furthermore, previously-issued approvals must comply with all relevant Code sections, Rules, Bulletins and other regulations.

MEA Resolutions (reports of accepted MEA products referenced by MEA Number valid as of July 1, 2008), can be obtained via the published MEA Index and the online MEA Index and MEA Report databases.

The online MEA Index is a partial database of previously issued MEA Resolutions listed by Major Category. A complete set of the published MEA Index through 2003, including listings by MEA Number, Manufacturer and Subject, may be obtained from the New York CityStore.



Ice Makers

325-90-E Vol. 3Scotsman
326-90-E Vol. 2 Scotsman
216-91-E Vol. 2 Vogt Tube Ice.
37-00-E Mile High Equipment Company
294-03-E Manitowoc Beverage Equipment Inc.

Mile High Equipment




IMI Cornelius, Inc.

Interior Finish

332-97-M, Vol.2 

Roxul Inc.

121-99-M Vol. 2Benchmark Architectural Systems Inc
20-00-MNorgrips A/S Postboks 655
21-00-MAmerican Stair Corporation
43-00-MOmnova Solution Inc.
136-00-MOsmose, Inc.
154-00-MCanFibre of Riverside
204-00-MBroadview Technologies, Inc.
215-00-MTokiwa Industries, LTD
226-00-MWilheimi, Werke GmbH
301-00-MSafe Encasement System
325-00-MRexan DSI
373-00-MOmnova Solution Inc.
401-00-MJohns Manville International Inc.
404-00-MRoysons Corporation
431-00-MGranirex, Inc.
198-01-M Vol. 2ARPA USA
12-03-M Altro Floors
24-03-M United States Gypsum Company
63-03-M G-P Gypsum Corporation
103-03-M Deckelmann-Wellness Gbmh & Co.
105-03-M G-P Gypsum Corporation
244-03-M Sierra Pine
311-03-M Bain Ultra
312-03-M BPB America Inc.
326-03-M Prodema, S.A.

Prodema S.A


Lambr International

481-04-M Vol. 2



The Gage Corporation, Int.

48-05-MABET Inc.
65-05-M3Form Inc.
65-05-M Vol. 33Form Inc.
72-05-MQuiet Solution Inc.
105-05-MReceil It International

Owen Corning

269-05-MBPB America Inc.
270-05-MBPB America Inc.
278-05-MGalvak SA de CV DSC Galvamet
279-05-MSTOVeroTec Gmbh
57-06-MLaminations, Inc.
183-06-MDecoustics Limited
439-06-MNeptune Products, Inc.
453-06-MChikako Hanaoka
481-06-MPanel Source International #101
503-06-MSupress Products LLC
559-06-MMilliken Wall Fabrics
573-06-MOEG Building Material
6-07-MQuiet Solution Inc.
166-07-MIntermat Inc.
203-07-MBlend Surfaces, Ltd.
342-07-MRJF International Corporation
410-07-MNational Gypsum Company
23-08-MOMNOVA Solutions Inc.
88-08-MFormica Corporation
146-08-MRJF International Corporation
202-08-MCaesarStone Sdot-Yam Ltd.
212-08-MNewtex Industries, Inc.

Laminated Lumber & Wooden I Beams

393-91-E Vol. 3Jager Building Systems, Inc.
393-91-E Vol. 4Jager Building Systems, Inc.
96-94-E Vol. 8Louisiana-Pacific Corporation
97-94-E Vol. 8Louisiana-Pacific Corporation
89-96-M Vol. 2

Trus Joist, A Weyerhaeuser Business

89-96-E Vol. 3Weyerhaeuser
233-98-M Vol. 4Multiple Manufacturers
233-98-M Vol. 5Multiple Manufacturers
241-98-M Vol. 3Georgia-Pacific Corporation
241-98-M Vol. 4Georgia-Pacific Corporation
101-00-ELouisiana-Pacific Corporation
101-00-E Vol. 3Louisiana-Pacific Corporation
101-00-E Vol. 5Louisiana Pacific Corporation
101-00-E Vol. 6Louisiana Pacific Corporation
448-00-ETrus Joist, a Weyerhaeuser Business
448-00-E Vol. 2Weyerhaeuser Co.
294-01-E Vol. 4Nordic Engineered Wood
94-02-EInternational Paper
95-02-EInternational Paper
186-02-EFinnforest OY
248-02-E Vol. 2Weyerhaeuser
5-03-ETemlam Inc.
5-03-E Vol. 2Temlam Inc.
5-03-E Vol. 4Temlam Inc.
5-03-E Vol. 5Temlam Inc.
262-03-ESpaceJoist TE

Trus Joist

156-04-E Vol. 3


406-04-E Vol. 2

Sundre Forest Products, Inc.

406-04-E Vol. 3Sundre Forest Products, Inc.
406-04-E Vol. 4

Sundre Forest Products, Inc. a Subsidiary of West Fraser Mills Ltd.

406-04-E Vol. 5

Sundre Forest Products, Inc. a Subsidiary of West Fraser Mills Ltd.

406-04-E Vol. 6 

Sundre Forest Products, Inc. a Subsidiary of West Fraser Mills Ltd.


Pacific Woodtech Corporation

123-08-EGeorgia-Pacific  Wood Products South LLC
124-08-EGeorgia-Pacific Wood Products South LLC

Logs, Gas

297-00-ERobert H. Peterson Company
423-00-EGlo-Fire Inc.
140-01-ERobert H. Paterson Company
95-05-E Heatmaster, Inc.
101-05-EAspen Industries
25-06-EProgressive Manufacturing
26-06-EProgressive Manufacturing
27-06-EWolf Steel Ltd.

Lumber & Plywood

300-00-EOpen Joist 2000 Inc.
376-00-MSafeguard, Inc.
409-03-MDiamond Hardwoods Inc.

Medical Gas Dispensing Units & Alarms

23-04-EAmico Corporation
5-07-MJohns Manville

Microturbines / Engine Generators

193-05-ECapstone Turbine Corporation

Oil / Water Seperator

2-03-EZurn Industries Inc.