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Legal Policy & Procedure Notices 2004 - 1987

The Department publishes Legal Policy and Procedure Notices (LPPN). These notices represent official policies of the Department and often assist customers in following various legal procedures. The table below reflects a list of LPPN's. LPPN's issued before 1998 are noted as Adobe® Acrobat®. Click PDF for more information.


Legal Policy and Procedure Notice #01/04

Issued February 5, 2002

Easement agreements and restrictive declarations; filing, review, approval and documentation - To set forth procedures and requirements for the filing, review, approval and documentation of proposed easement agreements and restrictive declarations.

Supersedes: LPPN #2/87, dated November 13, 1987, LPPN #1/92, dated January 15, 1992 and Paragraph 7 of TPPN #10/87, dated December 11, 1987.

Legal Policy and Procedure Notice #01/92

Issued January 15, 1992

Required Easements and Declarations: - (1) Review and Filing Prior to issuance of a Permit (2) Additional Clause in Declarations.

This PPN Supplements Legal PPN #2/87.

Legal Policy and Procedure Notice #02/87

Issued November 13, 1987

Sample Easement and Restrictive Declaration Forms - In order to allow the development of parcels where such development would otherwise be foreclosed by various statutory restrictions or conditions, the Department of Buildings may, at its option, pursuant to Section 643 and 645 of the Charter of the City of New York , accept easements or restrictive declarations that provide for alternate means of compliance with statutory requirements.

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