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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Time Extension Request Guidelines
(Last Updated: October 29, 2004)

You can also download a copy of the Carbon Monoxide Detectors Time Extension Request Guidelines (pdf - 26 kb).

Time Extension Request Form

  • Paper copies (filed in triplicate) of extension requests along with supporting documentation shall be filed at the borough office in which the property is located using Buildings Form LL 7/04 no later than December 1, 2004.

  • Buildings staff in the respective borough offices shall enter the data from the application forms into the database on the network drive (I).

  • Assigned Time Extension Reviewer:

    Reviewers shall be guided by DOB Rule 1 RCNY § 28-2 page 7&8 to determine eligibility for time extension. Time extensions may be granted up to June 30, 2005. All extensions must be signed by the borough commissioner or deputy borough commissioner. Applicants may appeal borough denials to Technical Affairs.

  • Eligibility for Time Extension:

    1. Application is complete with sufficient supporting documents to justify hardship.
    2. The building(s) has no boiler violations and all boiler annual inspections are filed and up to date and:
    3. At least one of the following conditions is met:
      1. The proposed installation of the CO alarm(s) is hardwired into the buildings electrical system; or
      2. The number of units in single ownership or management responsibility exceed 500, and a complete schedule for installation is submitted prior to December 1, 2004; or
      3. Special circumstances subject to review by the borough commissioner.

  • Supporting Documents:

    Supporting documents that may be submitted along with the proper DOB form to justify hardship and eligibility for time extension may include:

    1. A copy of signed contract for the purchase and/or installation of the system,
    2. A BEC application filed by a licensed electrician for the hardwired system,
    3. An affidavit from a licensed engineer or architect (signed and sealed) attesting to the fact that he/she was retained by the building owner to design the system. This affidavit may be accepted for buildings classified in G, H-2, or J-1 occupancies,
    4. A complete schedule for installation.
    5. Documentation that buildings are under the ownership or management of a company that owns or manages at least 500 dwelling units. This information would usually be in a letter by the management company stating the addresses and numbers of dwelling units of the buildings that they manage. Note that a separate application is required for each building, even if the 500 units are scattered among different buildings throughout the city. A complete schedule for installations in each dwelling unit must also be included.
    6. A printout from DOB's online system showing that the building has no open boiler violations and that all the annual inspections are up to date.

  • The results of the review shall be recorded on the DOB Form (Owner/Applicant Notification Form) and submitted to the applicant/owner (faxed, emailed, etc). Such information shall be entered into the database on the network drive (I). The borough will provide a confirmation number to log in and track the request.

  • Paper files of the complete Time Extension Requests shall be maintained in the borough commissioner's office.

  • Incomplete applications will be denied unless the requested additional information is supplied within 15 calendar days of the initial denial letter.

  • All applications for J-1, J-2, and J-3 shall include the owner's statement that reads "I hereby request an extension of time to install carbon monoxide alarms in accordance with 1 RCNY § 28-02 and will notify all building occupants of this time extension upon approval." If this statement does not appear on the time extension request form, conditional approval may be issued contingent upon submission of such a statement on a separate additional notarized affidavit.