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Administration Policy And Procedure Notice #3/00

Issuance #593

Administration Policy And Procedure Notice #3/00


October 13, 2000


Microfilm Procedures


October 16, 2000


This Policy and Procedure Notice (PPN) establishes uniform procedures for microfilming applications.


Administration PPN# 02/92


Local Law 53 of 1993


  1. All applications for New Buildings and Alterations Elevators, (Alteration 1, Alteration 2 and Alteration 3), Signs, Places of Assembly, Demolitions and Subdivisions must be microfilmed by DOB after issuance of Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), Letter of Completion or final sign off by DOB prior to long term storage. Every job that is filed on the PW-1 form must be microfilmed.

  2. Application folders will be microfilmed by an outside vendor at the time of permit and re-microfilmed by DOB after the C of O or Letter of Completion or Final Sign Off is issued. All relevant documents (see "Documents," below) in the folder shall be microfilmed.

  3. Applicants shall pay a $35 microfilming fee at the time of filing the job. This fee is payment for up to two pieces of microfiche.

  4. Buildings which are 100% owned by Government (Federal, State, City) and are 100% used by Government are fee exempt. Buildings owned and used by not-for-profit organizations are not fee exempt.

  5. Prior to obtaining a permit, the applicant is responsible for submitting microfilm of their folders. This microfilm shall be prepared by an outside vendor. A permit will not be issued unless microfilm has been submitted in accordance with the procedure described herein, under the subheading "Documents."

  6. At the time of microfilm submission, the applicant must provide written vendor certification attesting to the original copy, clarity, density and resolution of the microfilm. This certification shall be placed in the job folder.

  7. Prior to issuance of C of O or Letter of Completion, all applicants must have Borough office staff verify the number of documents, and pay $10 for each additional microfiche (over the original two pieces paid for at time of permit) as shown on the Microfilm Fee Schedule.

  8. After issuance of the final C of O, final sign off or Letter of Completion, all folders shall be sent by the Borough offices to the Microfilm Service Unit at 60 Hudson Street for final microfilming. A transmittal sheet shall be produced electronically in either the Agency-wide microfilm tracking database or, if the database is not available, as an Excel spreadsheet to be sent as an email attachment to the Microfilm Director. The transmittal information shall also be printed out and the hard copy shall accompany the folders. The transmittal shall include each folder's Job Number, Block, Lot, Address, and whether or not the folder has a roll plan associated with it.

  9. After production of the final microfilm, duplicates of the microfilm shall be sent back to the originating Borough office. In order to have duplicates of the microfiche mailed to them, applicants must enclose a stamped, self-addressed #10 envelope with the folder. The original microfiche jacket shall be sent for off-site storage. The paper documents shall be returned to the original folder, which shall be sent for off-site storage for a period of two years, after which it shall be destroyed.
All documents in the application folder must be microfilmed prior to the issuance of a permit and again at the time of issuance of the final C/O or Letter of Completion or final sign off. Documents which must be microfilmed include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • PW1, PW2
  • Required approval letters from other City Agencies;
  • Schedule A/Spec. Sheet (TR1 or B Form 17) with C/O
  • *All approved plans, (including post approval amendments);
  • *Letter of Completion request;
  • *Letter of Completion/Certification of Completed Inspection;
  • *Controlled Inspection Reports, (TR1 or l0E/10F);
  • *Inspector(s) Reports;
  • *All Technical Engineer's Reports, (concrete, etc.);
  • *Final Survey, (when required).
  • *Permit and C/O, at time of final microfilming*Required to be microfilmed by DOB at the time of issuance of final sign-off or letter of completion as appropriate.

Items for which microfilming is not required are:

  • PIR Cards;
  • Voided or superseded forms;
  • Superseded plans.