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House #
Street Name

Rick D. Chandler, P.E.

Thomas Fariello, R.A.
First Deputy Commissioner

Timothy Hogan
Deputy Commissioner of Enforcement

Fred S. Mosher, Jr., R.A.
Deputy Commissioner of Development

Gina Betro
Assistant Commissioner of Administration

Brad Bishop
Chief Information Officer

Kanda Gordon
Associate Commissioner of Borough Operations

Philip A. Monaco, Esq.
Chief of Staff

Mona Sehgal, Esq.
General Counsel

Robin Brooks
Assistant Commissioner of Executive Communications

Edwin Pemberton
Executive Director of Budget and Fiscal Operations


Borough Management Team

Bronx Borough Office:
Werner R. deFoe, R.A., Borough Commissioner
Raymond Plumey, R.A., Deputy Borough Commissioner

Brooklyn Borough Office:
Ira Gluckman, R.A., Borough Commissioner
John Gallagher, R.A., Deputy Borough Commissioner

Manhattan Borough Office:
Martin Rebholz, R.A., Borough Commissioner
Scott Pavan, R.A., Deputy Borough Commissioner
Kazimir Vilenchik, P.E., Deputy Borough Commissioner

Queens Borough Office:
Derek Lee, R.A., Borough Commissioner
Diana Mack-Henry, Deputy Borough Commissioner
Adam Wapniak, R.A., Deputy Borough Commissioner

Staten Island Borough Office:
Ira Gluckman, R.A., Borough Commissioner
Frank Marchiano, Deputy Borough Commissioner