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Code of Conduct

As employees of the City of New York, we are proud of our commitment to preserve and safeguard the public's trust. Promoting ethical conduct and professionalism are among the highest priorities at the Buildings Department and as such, all candidates for employment are required to undergo an extensive background check.

In addition to screening candidates prior to employment, the Department's Internal Audits and Discipline Unit and Buildings Special Investigation Unit have formed a solid alliance with the Department of Investigations and Conflicts of Interest Board. Along with annual trainings, these entities work together to ensure all of the Agency's business transactions are performed with the utmost integrity.

To continue to ensure ethical decision making throughout all levels of the organization, the Department requires all employees to periodically review its Code of Conduct (PDF). Updated in 2015, the Code of Conduct provides general, plain language guidelines regarding the ethical standards expected of all Department of Buildings employees.

For more information on how you can join our team and contribute to New York City, check out the current Career Opportunities available.

Download Code of Conduct (PDF)

Other References
Executive Order 5/09 – Rules Regarding Employee Acceptance of Gifts (PDF)

Executive Order 2/01 – Restrictions Regarding Architects and Engineers Employed by the Department (PDF)