NYC Digital part of the mayor's office of media and entertainment

Rules of Conduct for the NYC Digital Roadmap Meetups

  1. The NYC Digital Roadmap Meetup will begin with presentation by the staff.
  2. Following the staff presentation, the Meetup shall be declared open and individuals will be invited to make their comments, ask questions, and express their views to those participating.
  3. Closing comments may be limited to three (3) minutes per person, per group, and only the volunteer group leader will be allowed to make these remarks on behalf of his/her group.
  4. All comments shall be courteous and respectful. At no time will anyone present be allowed to confront the speaker, staff or fellow participants with derogatory or abusive language or in an unprofessional manner. The staff shall have the discretion to require a person to leave the Meetup if this occurs.
  5. Conduct that disrupts the Meetup will not be tolerated. No person will be allowed to interrupt a speaker. During the breakout sessions, everyone will be allowed to speak once before anyone is allowed to speak again.
  6. No person shall present irrelevant, immaterial, or repetitious testimony or evidence.
  7. This discussion is meant to be freely accessible and available for the purposes of collaborating to develop the City’s future digital strategy. By your participation in today’s discussion, you waive any copyright or other intellectual property protections you might have in any content used by the City.