NYC Digital part of the mayor's office of media and entertainment

NYC Digital Progress Report
January 2013

1. Access Achieved In Progress Early Stage
Connect high needs individuals through federally funded NYC Connected initiatives      
Launch outreach and education efforts to increase broadband Internet adoption      
Support more broadband choices citywide      
Introduce Wi-Fi in more public spaces, including parks      

2. Education Achieved In Progress Early Stage
Introduce Applied Sciences NYC, the initiative to bring more STEM institutions to New York City*      
Introduce Cornell NYC Tech on Roosevelt Island*      
Introduce Center for Urban Science and Progress, led by NYU and NYU-Poly*      
Introduce Academy for Software Engineering, a high school that teaches development and design*      
Increase number of participants in Innovation Zone from 80 to over 250*      

3. Open Government Achieved In Progress Early Stage
Develop NYC OpenData, an Open Government framwork featuring APIs for City data      
Launch a central hub for engaging and cultivating feedback from the developer community      
Introduce visualization tools that make data more accesible to the public      
Launch app wishlists to support a needs-based ecosystem of innovation      
Launch an official New York City apps hub      
Host New York City's first hackathon: Reinvent      
Host New York City's first sustainability hackathon: Reinvent Green*      

4. Engagement Achieved In Progress Early Stage
Expand 311 Online through smartphone apps, Twitter and live chat      
Implement a custom url redirection service on to encourage sharing      
Launch official Facebook presence to engage New Yorkers and customize experience      
Launch @NYCgov, a central Twitter account and one-stop shop of crucial news and services      
Launch a New York City Tumblr vertical, featuring content and commentary on City stories      
Launch a Foursquare badge that encourages use of New York City's free public places      
Integrate crowdsourcing tools for emergency situations      
Introduce digital Citizen Toolkits for engaging with New York City government online       
Introduce SMART, a team of the City's social media leaders      
Launch ongoing listening sessions across the five boroughs to encourage input      
Relaunch to make the City's website more usable, accessible, and intuitive      

5. Industry Achieved In Progress Early Stage
Expand workforce development programs to support diversity in the digital sector      
Support technology startup infrastructure needs      
Support small businesses through streamlined online resources and digital training*      
Continue to recruit more engineering talent and teams to New York City      
Promote and celebrate NYC's digital sector through events and awards      
Pursue a new .NYC top-level domain      

*New additions to the City of New York's Digital Roadmap

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