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Industry: A Vibrant Digital Sector

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As venture capitalist Fred Wilson remarked at the opening of the Academy for Software Engineering, "There has never been a more exciting time in New York City tech." New York City is where the best and brightest come to launch their world-changing ideas.

The past year has seen unprecendented growth in New York City's technology scene, with momentum bolstered by groundbreaking announcements of long-term investment in the City's future. New York City continues to surpass Boston as the top venture-funded area in the country after Silicon Valley. In addition, a recent Center for Urban Future study found that New York City was the only region in America to see a dramatic 32% increase in venture funding from 2007 - 2011, while all other regions surveyed, including Silicon Valley and Boston, experienced decreases.

Today, New York City Economic Development Corporation programs such as the NYC Tech Talent Draft, NYC Next Idea and NYC Venture Fellows continue to attract more engineers and entrepreneurs to make New York City their base. Mayoral visits to the growing New York City offices of technology companies including Etsy, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr and Twitter demonstrate the administration's commitment to supporting these pioneers and shining a light on their achievements. And new initiatives such as the digital expansion of youth employment programs are poised to increase diversity in the sector. Finally, this year New York became the nation's first city to apply for its own top-level domain, .nyc, a bold step toward embracing New York City's digital future.

Continue to Recruit More Engineering and Entrepreneurial Talent to New York City
In addition to the landmark investments in engineering education institutions, the following New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) programs help attract and nurture engineers and entrepreneurs:

NYCEDC plans to expand its successful NYC Tech Talent Draft, a pilot series of on-campus information and networking sessions that provides top computer science and engineering students with a firsthand look at exciting tech start-up career opportunities. NYC Tech Talent Draft session feature founders, CEOs and CTOs from New York City's leading startups who spoke candidly about their enrpreneurial experiences, job opportunities and career advice. In spring 2012, NYCEDC conducted successful Tech Talent Draft recruiting events at Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Harvard, MIT and Princeton.

In March, the City announced the winning teams of enrepreneurs for NYC Next Idea, the third annual global business plan competition that encourages innovative business ventures to launch and operate in New York City. Two winning teams, Stylsize and TaxiTreats, were selected from a highly competitive and diverse pool of applicants with more than 270 business ideas submitted from 62 countries. TaxiTreats is developing a vending machine to be used in taxicabs, and Stylsize is developing an app for online clothes shoppers to visualize how the clothing fits.

NYC Venture Fellows is a selective program that provides 20-30 "rising star" entrepreneurs from around the world an opportunity to take their ventures to the next level. The program is designed to foster collaboration among startups and established businesses and to encourage national and international startups to locate and grow their businesses in New York City. Fellows benefit from mentorship from teams of industry leaders as well as networking opportunities through public-private dialogues and roundtable events.

The City's network of ten incubators includes six that help tech startups grow and thrive by providing them comprehensive support when they are at their earliest stages. Incubated companies have attracted approximately $83 million in funding and currently support up to 500 jobs. The incubators have graduated more than 42 companies that are now strong enough to be independent. These graduates - which include some of NYC's hottest startups - have moved into market-rent office space and created dozens of jobs - doing their part to strengthen the City's economy.

Promote and Celebrate New York City's Digital Sector through Events and Awards

To put a spotlight on New York City's burgeoning technology industry, Mayor Bloomberg made several high profile visits to startups across the five boroughs. Increasing the visibility of these companies and shining a light on their successes helps illustrate the growth of the sector across the City and beyond. Building on his initial visit to Foursquare to officially proclain Foursquare Day on April 16, 2011, ove rhte past year Mayor Bloomberg has visited the offices of local success stories Efficiency 2.0, Etsy, General Assembly, Seamless and Tumblr. He has also welcomed with open arms the expansion of technology companies Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. As an entrepreneur who founded one of the world's largest information technology companies, the Mayor can testify personally to New York City's digital potential, helping to demonstrate why the technology industry is one of the top five sectors in the City.

Mayor Bloomberg has even demonstrated his loyalty to the local technology scene - and his focus on engineering education - by publicly committing on Twitter to complete homegrown startup Codecademy's Code Year program.

In addition, Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Katherine Oliver of the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment honored Kickstarter for supporting the creative ecosystem at the 2012 annual "Made in NY" Awards and will continue to highlight successful, locally-based tech companies.

To further promote and celebrate the digital sector, at the fifth annual Internet Week New York festival, Mayor Bloomberg unveiled the Made in NY Digital Map, an online map that plots startups, investors and incubators across the five boroughs and shows the dramatic hiring numbers for a powerful representation of the thriving technology industry in New York City.

The Made in NY Digital Map is a visual testament to the vibrant state of New YOrk's digital industry - showing a powerful constellation of over 1,800 homegrown startups, investors and incubators hiring for thousands of jobs across the five boroughs. Users can browse by neighborhood, review job postings or add their own startup to the digital landscape. The Made in NY Map is a living resource that reflects New York City's dynamic innovation ecosystem.

The interactive Made In NY Digital Map online highlights nearly 900 companies that are hiring. In addition, a print version of the map was made possible by a grant from the Association for a Better New York. The interactive Made In NY Digital Map online highlights nearly 900 companies that are hiring. A print version of the map is shown here. Design by The Letter Office.

Led by Mayor Bloomberg's commitment to realize New York City's digital potential, the Made in NY Digital Map was created by the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment in partnership with Internet Week NY and New York Tech Meetup. In addition, a print version of the map, designed by The Letter Office, was made possible by a grant from the Association for a Better New York. Explore the map at

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Dig in to New York City's 2012 Digital Roadmap:Progress and Innovation.
Download the pdf here or navigate through each section using the icons below.

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