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Open Government

For Transparency and Innovation
An Open Government mindset and technology framework enables the City of New York to collaborate with developers to better serve New Yorkers through technology. Open Government systems apply the successful models of technology companies such as Facebook or Foursquare, whose open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable them to exponentially scale services and compound the “network effects” of their platform.

In the same way, the City of New York aims to serve as a platform for technology innovation, opening its data resources to spark fresh development that serves and informs New Yorkers. Over the past year, led by the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT), the City of New York’s Open Government milestones have been unprecedented, including landmark open data legislation, the release of hundreds of new, real-time data sets, and the biggest year yet for NYC BigApps, the City’s developer contest co-hosted by NYCEDC.

NYC Open Data running on the Socrata platform offers a robust suite of features that enhances the public's ability to access, consume, comment on, map and visualize New York City's data.

The new features and enhanced APIs in the Open Data platform led to new heights in the City's third annual NYC BigApps contest. NYC Open Data and Big Apps together demonstrate the power of Open Government initiatives not only to increase transparency and accountability, but also to spark innovation and cultivate entrepreneurship.