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NYC Gov goes social.

Announcing the launch of the official New York City government social media channels.

Your one-stop shop for all things New York.

@nycgov on Twitter

Your most important and relevant information.

@nycgov captures the pulse of New York City government, with tweets about news and services that impact your life. Find out if Alternate Side Parking rules are in effect and schools are in session. Read about free events in your neighborhood. Get emergency notifications that could affect you and your commute. See what Mayor de Blasio is doing and learn about new City programs as soon as they launch.

NYC Gov on Facebook

Connect with fellow New Yorkers and share news with your friends.

NYC Gov's Facebook page enables New Yorkers to get all the information they need in one place and share it with friends. NYC Gov's Facebook features videos, new City initiatives, interactive features such as polls and Citywide events calendar. Engage with the City of New York or other New Yorkers on NYC Gov's Facebook wall.

NYC Gov's Tumblr

Videos, photos, links and more.

NYC Gov's Tumblr is a blog that publishes frequent updates on the topics that matter most to New Yorkers, including schools, jobs, getting around the City and much more.
The NYC Gov tumblr features up-to-the-minute announcements, exclusive photos from City events and Mayoral visits, as well as quick videos that answer frequently asked questions on City services. Users can browse posts by major themes, share them by reblogging, and even submit a question to Mayor de Blasio with the #AskMBDB feature. Catch up on what's going on in NYC by visiting

NYC Gov on Foursquare

Location, Location, Location.

NYC Gov's Foursquare presence includes a Big Apple badge, lists and tips for a range of City spaces across the five boroughs. Want to find something to do? Follow NYC Gov on Foursquare for places to go from parks and pools to museums and landmarks. Biking near Prospect Park, or walking in Central Park, and want to find out more about where you are? NYC Gov's Foursquare account brings New Yorkers fun, helpful facts each time they check in to city spaces- all while they earn a Foursquare badge!
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Introducing, from Bitly

Short, Simple, Easy Links.

NYC Gov and Bitly have partnered to bring you a custom link shortener that shortens any webpage link to Want to know where a link will take you before you click? With the NYC Gov Bitly shortlink, you know that anytime you see a custom link, it will direct you to an official New York City government webpage. The NYC Gov Bitly shortlink is a great way to share official City information easily across a variety of platforms- especially when there is a character limit.
Look for links across NYC Gov social media.