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The .NYC Top-Level Domain:

Soon the prestige of a New York City address or area code will extend to the digital realm. With its application for .nyc in 2012, New York became one of the first cities in the world to pursue its own geographic top-level domain. A top-level domain or TLD, is the last part of an Internet address, such as .com, .org or .edu. Following the public launch of .nyc (anticipated in late 2013), the .nyc TLD will be made available to New York City individuals and organizations.

With the historic launch of the .nyc TLD, the City will embrace its digital future in a powerful way and bring an unprecedented level of geographic authority to the digital sphere. In addition, the City will generate revenue, help residents locate government services, encourage local businesses to thrive, market and promote tourism, and spread the dynamic image of New York City around the world.

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To involve the larger community in the .nyc process, we've created the .NYC Community Advisory Board which consists of members from various sectors including technology, education, small business, non-profit and community organizations. The board members include: