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A Citizen-centric digital experience
The way that New Yorkers communicate, find information and connect with friends and family is changing rapidly as a result of the explosive growth of social media. In order to serve and inform New Yorkers in a way that is accessible, convenient and rewarding, the City of New York is committed to enhancing its digital media presence, from to social media. Fueled by enthusiastic agency engagement, the City’s social media reach has expanded to over 1.8 million followers across more than 265 channels including existing channels such as Facebook, Twitter and iOS apps, and new adoptions of Foursquare, Instagram, Soundcloud, Tumblr and the Android mobile operating system.

The public success of the City’s digital media efforts has been recognized over the past year by several awards and studies, including New York City’s first time ranking as No. 1 for civic engagement online by the University of Chicago at Illinois and O’Reilly Media’s GovFresh City of the Year award. And of course, at this year’s Shorty Awards Mayor Bloomberg was honored by Dennis Crowley with the “Foursquare Mayor of the Year” Award.
The City has launched central NYC Gov social media feeds including Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Foursquare pages. The Citywide accounts provide a "one-stop shop" for New Yorkers to stay tuned in to City news and services, and help them discover interesting information curated from across the City's agency-specific channels.