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Code Corps

Code Corps

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Code Corps is the nation’s first municipal program that engages vetted volunteer technologists to realize lifesaving City government initiatives with an emphasis on emergency and disaster recovery needs.

Code Corps partners include nonprofit and private sector organizations whose data scientists, developers and designers will partner with City agency representatives to develop strategic projects that serve civic needs. To facilitate effective collaboration, partners will liaise with the Data Advisory and Research Taskforce (DART), a newly formed advisory committee of data scientists, developers and experts from across City government.


Launched by NYC Digital and the Mayor’s Office of Policy and Strategic Planning in response to needs that arose from Hurricane Sandy’s devastating impact on New York City and informed by feedback from the city’s vibrant technology community, Code Corps will allow the City to work with technology experts to quickly build and deploy crucial technology resources in the event of an emergency.


Code Corps projects will include the development of new databases, web and mobile applications, emergency-related information maps using City data, analysis of impacted populations and data sharing with other governments or utilities. DART will maintain a “wishlist” of priority City projects for developing a working rapport with the volunteers during times when there is no emergency. In addition, Code Corps will strengthen public-private partnerships between the government and technology sector, ensuring best-in-class approaches to civic challenges with minimal resource and budget impact.


Code Corps volunteers donate their expertise to help serve the public through powerful digital tools. Prior to joining, volunteers from participating organizations are vetted and organized based on skill-set and experience. By vetting participants in advance of disaster situations, Code Corps will help to ensure more productive, efficient partnerships.

The program’s founding partners include:

  • 10gen
  • Code for America, NYC Brigade
  • Codecademy
  • Columbia, Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering
  • Cornell Tech
  • Etsy
  • Facebook
  • General Assembly
  • Kaggle
  • New York Tech Meetup
  • New York University, Department of Computer Science
  • NYU-Poly, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association
  • Octopart
  • Rent the Runway
  • Seamless
  • Sparkrelief
  • Twitter NY
Code Corps will continue to add organizational partners based on project needs. If your organization is interested in joining Code Corps, please review the criteria and submit your information here.

To apply to join Code Corps, your organization must meet the following criteria:
  • Have no expectation of future paid employment or contracts with the City of New York as a result of participating in this program.
  • Assign at least one primary point-of-contact for all Code Corps communications. The designated representative will join the Code Corps list-serve and newsletter, and participate in Code Corps meetings led by DART.
  • Vet and help select volunteers from within their organization who have technical skills and knowledge that match Code Corps project needs. Organizations will allow their volunteers to contribute an estimated 20 percent of their work time to Code Corps assignments.
  • Agree to actively promote Code Corps to its members and employees.
  • Allocate resources such as technical equipment, physical space, and other in-kind resources.
  • Have experience in developing products or providing services for a large-scale audience.
  • Have relevant experience with civil projects and/or crisis-based projects.
  • Are based in New York City or have an office and staff in New York City.

DART: City Support

DART, the City government group of data scientists, developers and open data champions, will meet internally on a monthly basis to discuss data policy, strategy, project priorities and partnership opportunities. DART will serve as the primary point of contact with the Code Corps group and meet quarterly with external partners to collaborate on new projects in the absence of an emergency and to prepare for rapid, strategic deployment when needed.

For more information, please email