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Volunteers of America-Greater New York
Founded in 1896, Volunteers of America, Inc. (VOA) is a national, faith-based human services organization and one of the Department of Homeless Services' (DHS) valued non-profit providers.
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Meet Our Providers: Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS)
In 1979, a grassroots effort to engage Columbia University students swept across Morningside Heights. With a focus on meeting the needs of the neighborhood’s most disenfranchised individuals, the group-- then called the Columbia University Community Services-- began providing assistance, building a bridge between the student and resident populations.
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Spotlight on DHS' Directly-Operated Site: Linden
Although the majority of the Department of Homeless Services' (DHS) shelters are run in partnership with non-profit providers, several sites are operated directly by the agency. This is a spotlight on one of them.
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Meet Our Providers: Women's Prison Association
Founded in 1845, Women's Prison Association (WPA) was the nation's first organization that was solely dedicated to working with criminal justice-involved women and their families.
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Meet Our Providers: Samaritan Village
For more than 50 years, Samaritan Village has been wholly dedicated to improving the quality of life for New Yorkers facing adversity.
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.   Meet Our Providers: Overcoming-Love Ministries
Since 1984, non-profit organization Overcoming-Love Ministries (OCLM) has proudly served New York City communities, directing individuals to housing, meals, recovery services, medical care and general assistance.
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.   Meet Our Providers: Palladia
Since its inception in 1970, Palladia has sought to improve the lives of New Yorkers− providing a supportive environment for individuals to grow, heal, stabilize and become productive members of the community.
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.   Meet our Providers: Housing Bridge
Like so many of the Department of Homeless Services' (DHS) highly-respected, non-profit providers, Housing Bridge prides itself on being able to help clients quickly move to permanent housing.
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.   Meet our Providers: Project Renewal
Project Renewal’s mission is to end the cycle of homelessness by empowering men and women to rebuild their lives with renewed health, homes and jobs.
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  Meet Our Providers: Win – Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness for Women and their Children
Win is a true New York City organization−one that believes in the potential of every family to attain a better life not just for the immediate future but for generations to come
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  Meet Our Providers: Henry Street Settlement
Founded in 1893 by progressive reformer Lillian Wald, Henry Street Settlement provides social services, arts and health care programs to New Yorkers from 17 sites on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.
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  Meet our Providers: BronxWorks
On Monday, December 10, Department of Homeless Services (DHS) Commissioner Seth Diamond joined non-profit provider, BronxWorks, to celebrate the organization's 40th anniversary.
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  Meet Our Providers: Goddard Riverside Community Center
As one of New York City’s leading human service organizations, Goddard Riverside Community Center works to meet clients’ basic needs – providing food, shelter and education – while never failing to celebrate diversity and the richness of society.
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  Meet our Providers: Project Hospitality
On a cold winter night in 1982, Project Hospitality began as an outreach to the hungry and homeless seeking shelter in the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. They were fed and given warm refuge from the bitter cold. In this simple act, the work of Project Hospitality began.
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    Meet our Providers: Acacia Network
Working with non-profit providers, the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) operates a comprehensive shelter system that tailors services toward unique populations of clients, including single adults, families with children and adult families.
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    Meet our Providers: Bowery Residents’ Committee (BRC)
Founded in 1971, the Bowery Residents' Committee (BRC) is just one example of a provider that manages facilities (and a rigorous street outreach program) in partnership with the City, providing clients with intensive case management and social services.
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.   Meet Our Providers: Homes for the Homeless
Founded in 1986 as a public-private partnership between City government, private business and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Homes for the Homeless (HFH) was formed with the mission to appreciably address the issue of family homelessness in New York City.
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