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DHS Concludes Summer Programming in Partnership With the Museum of the City of New York
With New York City as the classroom, this was not your typical "summer school."

This summer, the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) collaborated with the Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) to connect children in shelter to an array of educational programming, designed to spark their imaginations and incite their interest in learning, even during the academic recess.

As part of this initiative, youngsters from 10 shelters visited the museum and participated in a number of interactive and creative workshops, which covered a variety of unique topics and themes. On par with the MCNY's overall mission, each exhibit embodied and demonstrated the distinctive character of the City, including its heritage, diversity, opportunity and perpetual transformation. Founded in 1923, the MCNY, through its day-to-day operations, continues to encapsulate the spirit of New York as it introduces visitors to the past, present and future of this booming metropolis.

Serving as one component of the program, on Sunday, June 14, children from shelter joined a museum educator on a walk through East Harlem to explore some of the many murals in the neighborhood, and discover how these paintings illustrate the history and culture of Latinos in America. Following this informative tour, they then returned to the museum to create their own murals, presenting a more hands-on approach to the lesson and enabling the kids to convey the stories of their own heritages and neighborhoods.

Other activities pertained to the subjects of community activism, and architecture and interior design in small spaces? always encouraging children to take an interest in the urban landscape around them. The summer programming at the museum is just a small part of DHS' overall partnership with this great New York institution.

"The museum's exciting educational exhibits are a great way for kids to get involved in learning about their City, its history and art, and the services they use every day," said DHS' Government Relations Assistant, Heidi Schmidt, who coordinates the outings. "The kids always come away with a new perspective on where they've grown up, and we're grateful to the museum for these ongoing opportunities."

DHS will continue its collaboration with the Museum of the City of New York to develop and coordinate programming for the school year ahead.

To learn more about the Museum of the City of New York, visit