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NYC Office of Actuary NYC Department for the Aging
Job Training and Placement

Job Training Opportunities

Retiring at the age of 60 or 65 is no longer a “given.”  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of workers in the labor force who are 55 years of age and older increased steadily from 29.9 percent in 1993 to 40.4 percent in 2009.  Since then, the rate has remained steady.  As a consequence, seniors are changing the face of the nation’s workforce.  A multi-generational workforce is fast becoming the country’s new reality.

New York City wants to make it easier for older persons to work, if they so desire.  If you want to find a new job or re-enter the job market, the City can help you with training and placement assistance through Workforce 1 Centers and, if you’re over 55 and income-eligible, through Title V services of the Department for the Aging and other organizations that receive Title V funds.

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Your community wants YOU!  Volunteer organizations want YOU!  These days being a volunteer is not just about stuffing envelopes or doing menial tasks employees don't want to do.  Increasingly, not-for-profits that help people are beginning to create volunteer opportunities tailored to seniors.  These organizations will train you, accommodate your preferences and conditions, and - best of all - allow you to use your knowledge and expertise.

The rewards of volunteering are great.  You’ll feel alive, appreciated, meaningfully connected to a wider world and good about helping to make that world a better place.

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Advocacy is another way to volunteer.  When you work to improve public policy and programs you believe in, you make life better for yourself and others.

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