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NYC Office of Actuary NYC Department for the Aging
Senior Savvy

"Savvy" older New Yorkers know how to live safely and wisely in the City.

They take care of their health.

They observe basic rules for pedestrian safety when crossing streets or navigating dangerous intersections, and have "accident-proofed" their own homes to the extent possible.

They know how to manage their money, seek financial counseling for budgeting and credit problems and are aware of the risks of scams and identity theft.  

Savvy seniors use the Internet to connect to the world.

Active and with lots of interests, they participate in New York's cultural life but find out about free events and discounted tickets that help their dollars go further.

When the City's educational institutions reach out to them with special programs for seniors, they embrace the chance to take a class or two or even to embark on a whole new course of study.

Experience has taught savvy seniors the importance of emergency preparedness. They have Go Bags and know what to do in the event of weather emergencies and other crises. 

They're prepared in other ways, too. They've looked ahead legally and financially and have fully explored - and discussed with their families - options for care should they require it in the future.

Savvy older New Yorkers enjoy life now, having prepared for the future.