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Wholesale Customers Water Demand Management

Upstate Water Conservation Program

DEP developed a water demand management planning program to assist its 10 largest customers to reduce water consumption by a minimum of 5% from the baseline water usage recorded in FY 2013 and maintaining such lower water demand levels thereafter. The 10 largest wholesale customers north of New York City consume over nine percent of the water distributed by the New York City Water Supply System. Once the customers have completed their demand management plans, DEP will work with each to implement the measures identified in the plans to achieve a 5% reduction in consumption over a four year time frame. Implementing measures that would lead to a reduction of 5% in the consumption of these combined 10 customers would lead to a reduction in consumption of approximately 4.6 MGD.

The Village of Ossining, NY

The Water Demand Management Plan for the Village of Ossining was finalized in May 2016. Ossining began implementing a leak detection and line repair program, as well as a residential indoor upgrade voucher program in 2018.