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Toilet Replacement Program FAQs

Who is eligible to participate in the Toilet Replacement Program?

The Toilet Replacement Program allows customers working to meet the conservation requirements established by the Multifamily Conservation Program to obtain vouchers to replace old toilets with high-efficiency models. The program began in July 2014 and runs through May 2019. The requirements for the program are as follows:

  • You are a multi-family property owner who converted to the Multi-Family Conservation Rate effective July 1, 2012 OR are a three- or four-family property owner enrolled in the Home Water Assistance Program on or before February 14, 2018*;
  • Your water meter is connected to an Automated Meter Reading device;
  • Your building has four or more units (or three to four units for Home Water Assitance Program participants);
  • Your water and sewer account is in good standing;
  • Your building did not receive a rebate during the 1994-1997 Toilet Rebate Program and you have not installed 1.6 gpf (gallons per flush) low-flow or 1.28 gpf high-efficiency fixtures in your building

* On February 14, 2018, DEP expanded the Toilet Replacement Program to approximately 4,300 3- and 4-family property owners already enrolled in DEP’s Home Water Assistance Program. The same program requirements, listed above, apply to Home Water Assistance Program and Multi-Family Conservation Rate property owners.

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Can I still get a voucher if I do not have a Multi-Family Conservation Rate?

No. If you are not currently in the Multi-Family Conservation Program, OR are a three- or four-family property owner enrolled in the Home Owner Water Assistance Program on or before February 14, 2018, you are not eligible for a voucher under the Toilet Replacement Program.

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How much help will the vouchers provide, and how many could I receive?

The vouchers cover $125 of the cost of each new high-efficiency toilet purchased. The number of units registered per DEP account determines the maximum number of toilets you may purchase with each voucher.

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What types of toilets are permitted under the Toilet Replacement Program?

Vouchers can be redeemed for new WaterSense®-labeled high-efficiency 1.28 gpf toilets with a Maximum Performance (“MaP”) score of at least 600 grams. The approved Toilet Replacement Program Authorized Vendors can also help to identify toilets that meet the requirements of the Toilet Replacement Program.

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How do I apply for a TRP voucher?

Eligible customers can apply for the vouchers through their My DEP Account. If qualified, there, you will see a new menu option for the ‘Toilet Replacement Program’, where you can follow instructions to complete the voucher application(s). DEP will review your application and within ten days of its receipt will send you an email to notify you whether it has been accepted. If it is accepted, this same email will include your registered voucher number.

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If I have several properties and water and sewer accounts, do I need to apply for each one separately?

Yes, a separate application is needed for each account.

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How long do I have to redeem my voucher?

Vouchers are valid from 90 days after issuance and will be automatically deactivated if not used during this time.

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Where can I use the vouchers?

A link to approved vendors and a map of their locations can be found both within the Toilet Replacement Program online portal and on the email where the voucher number is provided.

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How are vouchers processed?

The person who redeems the voucher must be the named Contact Person on the voucher application. He/she must bring a standard form of photo ID to use the voucher and pick up the new toilets. Acceptable IDs include any form of valid government- issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, passport, etc.). The Authorized Vendor accepting the voucher will go online and log into the DEP website to deactivate the voucher.

To confirm the installation of the new toilet, building owners must drop off the old toilets at the same location where the new toilet(s) were purchased, complete the ‘Installation Confirmation Form’ provided as an attachment on the voucher deactivation email and mail it to DEP. DEP will track water use for the customer’s property after vouchers are redeemed in order to ensure that water usage declines.

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How should I dispose of the old toilets?

After you have installed your new WaterSense®-labeled high-efficiency toilets, you are required to bring your old toilets back to a vendor location for proper disposal. There is no charge for disposal.

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What is the importance of WaterSense certification and MaP test scores?

WaterSense is a voluntary industry-government program that certifies toilet water efficiency at no more than 1.28 gpf, as well as a minimum level of toilet flush performance. Maximum Performance (MaP) testing identifies how well toilet models perform bulk waste removal using a realistic test media, and grades each toilet model based on this performance. To search for MaP test scores by manufacturer, rating criteria and fixture features, and to verify that the toilet is WaterSense-certified, go to the MaP Testing website:

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I heard those high-efficiency toilets don’t flush well, why should I buy one?

One of the features of WaterSense certification is that it requires minimum flushing performance for toilets receiving the WaterSense certification. The flush performance is based on the “MaP Testing Protocol,” and WaterSense requires a minimum score of 350 grams (while DEP requires a minimum score of 600 for toilets purchased under the Toilet Replacement Program). Many models exceed these flush performance requirements in the MaP Testing protocol. If you’re looking for a toilet model with the highest flush performance, look up the MaP score on any toilet you’re considering to buy on the MaP Testing website.

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