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On-Site Water Reuse Grant Program

Photo Credit: Natural Systems Utilities

The On-site Water Reuse Grant Program provides commercial, mixed-use, and multi-family residential property owners with incentives to install water reuse systems. This grant program builds on the Comprehensive Water Reuse Program, which offers a 25% discount to customers who install successful water reuse systems.

Water reuse systems, sometimes called water recycling systems, make more efficient and safe use of rainwater, black water, or gray water when properly designed and operated. The grant program promotes the construction of these systems at both the building-scale and district-scale by covering a portion of efficiency technology capital costs.

Available Grants

Grant Size Eligibility Criteria Target Water Savings Funding Amount
Building-scale Typically 100,000 square feet or more of residential or commercial space 32,000 gallons per day Up to $250,000
District-scale Typically includes the sharing of water between two or more parcels 94,000 gallons per day Up to $500,000

Grant Workshops

Workshops and webinars that explain the eligibility requirements of the program and guide users through the online application can be arranged upon request. If you would like to receive program updates, schedule a pre-application meeting, or host a workshop for a group of 10 or more people, please email

Download the Onsite Water Reuse Systems Grant Presentation (PDF).

Application Process

Interested private property owners must complete and submit an application for funding. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and can be submitted at any time throughout the year.

The Application Form is available in the Grant Application Guide.

Applicable Codes and Regulations

Legal Agreement and Restrictive Covenant

Before submitting a grant application, grantees must review the Legal Agreement and Restrictive Covenant that are required to participate.

Comprehensive Water Reuse Program

Buildings with successful on-site water reuse systems are eligible for the Comprehensive Water Reuse Program (CWRP). The CWRP provides a 25% water and wastewater fee discount to DEP customers who install water reuse systems that reduce the building’s water consumption by at least 25%.

Download the Comprehensive Water Reuse Program Application (PDF).


All grant program inquires can be directed to We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.