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List of Recreation Areas and Use Designations

County Recreation Unit Town WMU* Acres
* New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Wildlife Management. Hunters should verify the WMU is correct.
** Deer hunting only, no small game or bear hunting allowed here.
Delaware Alpaca Ridge Middletown 4P 401
Delaware Archie Elliot Road Meredith 4O 141
Delaware Arena Middletown 3A 382
Delaware Barbour Brook Tompkins 4O 364
Delaware Barkaboom Andes 4W 140
Delaware Bear Spring Walton 4W 197
Delaware Beech Hill Andes 4W 156
Delaware Beerston Walton 4W 871
Delaware Bell Hill Delhi 4O 328
Delaware Bloomville Kortright 4O 245
Delaware Bobs Brook Walton 4O 59
Delaware  Bramley Mountain Delhi 4P 1,051
Delaware Brook Road Middletown 4P 70
Delaware  Brush Ridge Middletown 4R 64
Delaware Bullet Hole Delhi 4P 198
Delaware Carey Road Delhi 4P 179
Delaware Carman Road Hamden 4P 33
Delaware Cat Hollow Colchester 4W 175
Delaware Churchill Mountain Stamford 4P 175
Delaware Cole Hill Middletown 4P 241
Delaware Couse Hill Masonville 4O 101
Delaware Covered Bridge Delhi 4P 22
Delaware Covert Hollow Hamden 4O 428
Delaware Covesville Middletown 4R 55
Delaware Crystal Creek Hamden 4O 48
Delaware Delaware Headwaters Roxbury 4P 600
Delaware Dibble Road Andes 4P 105
Delaware Dry Brook Meredith 4O 67
Delaware Duggan Hill Roxbury 4P 189
Delaware Dunraven North Middletown 4P 202
Delaware East Brook Franklin 4O 49
Delaware East Masonville Masonville 4O 136
Delaware East Platner Brook Delhi 4O 453
Delaware East River Road Hamden 4P 20
Delaware East Terry Clove Delhi 4P 108
Delaware Finch Hollow Delhi 4O 49
Delaware Fish Brook Walton 4O 363
Delaware Fletcher Hollow Tompkins 4O 371
Delaware Flynn Brook Andes 4P 2,183
Delaware Hardscrabble Road Roxbury 4P 47
Delaware Hinkley Roxbury 4P 87
Delaware Huckleberry Brook Middletown 3A 101
Delaware Irish Hill Meredith 4O 156
Delaware Johnny Brook Deposit 4O 3,813
Delaware Launt Hollow Hamden 4O 85
Delaware Little Delaware Bovina 4P 102
Delaware MacDonald Road Hamden 4P 30
Delaware Mallory Brook Hamden 4P 36
Delaware McGregor Mountain Roxbury 4P 255
Delaware Meekers Hill Andes 4P 119
Delaware Miller Hollow Colchester 4W 23
Delaware Mountain Top Tompkins 4O 36
Delaware Murphy Hill Andes 4P 519
Delaware Narrow Notch Stamford 4P 140
Delaware New Kingston Mountain Middletown 4P 282
Delaware New Road Bovina 4P 231
Delaware Odell Lake Road Harpersfield 4O 44
Delaware Palmer Hill Andes 4P 234
Delaware Peakes Brook Delhi 4O 207
Delaware Pepacton Ledges Andes 4W 294
Delaware Platner Brook Delhi 4O 54
Delaware Plattekill Mountain Roxbury 4P 716
Delaware Pleasant Valley Roxbury 4P 78
Delaware Plymouth Franklin 4O 80
Delaware Raynor Brook Colchester 4P 220
Delaware Red Kill Middletown 4R 82
Delaware Rehor Road Andes 3A 145
Delaware Reuben Todd Road Delhi 4P 62
Delaware Roses Brook Stamford 4P 83
Delaware Sands Creek Tompkins 4W 1,956
Delaware Shaver Hollow Andes 4P 33
Delaware Shaw Road Kortright 4P 52
Delaware South Dunraven Middletown 4P 62
Delaware South River Road Walton 4W 37
Delaware Speedwell Mountain Tompkins 4O 3,706
Delaware Spring Valley Meredith 4O 35
Delaware Sutherland Road Meredith 4O 36
Delaware Swart Road Middletown 4P 106
Delaware Tower Mountain Tompkins 4O 107
Delaware Township Valley Stamford 4P 127
Delaware Trow Bridge Middletown 4P 12
Delaware Vinci Brook Colchester 4W 85
Delaware Weaver Hollow Andes 4P 627
Delaware West Halcott Halcott & Roxbury 4R 108
Delaware West Platner Brook Delhi 4O 80
Delaware West Schoharie Roxbury 4R 322
Delaware West Settlement Roxbury 4P 1,710
Dutchess East Fishkill East Fishkill 3N 807
Greene Balsam Mountain Lexington 3A 377
Greene Batavia Ashland 4R 338
Greene Beech Ridge Lexington 4R 487
Greene Brownell Creek Halcott 4R 98
Greene Center Jewett Jewett 4R 121
Greene Deep Notch Lexington 3A 32
Greene Diamond Notch Hunter 3A 86
Greene Dog Hill Prattsville 4R 81
Greene East Windham Windham 4R 27
Greene Four Corners Prattsville 4R 203
Greene Halcott Halcott 4R 116
Greene Huntersfield Creek Prattsville 4R 277
Greene Jennie Notch Windham 4R 246
Greene Katydid Creek Jewett 3A 143
Greene Maben Hill Lexington 4R 149
Greene Macumber Road Conesville & Prattsville 4R 142
Greene Maplecrest Windham 3A 125
Greene Mount Hayden Windham 4R 815
Greene North Ashland Ashland 4R 137
Greene North Lexington Lexington 4R 69
Greene Patterson Ridge Ashland 4R 273
Greene Red Kill Headwaters Halcott 4R 137
Greene Richmond Windham 4R 56
Greene Roundtop Mountain Hunter 3A 331
Greene Scribner Hollow Jewett 3A 194
Greene Silas Lake Road Halcott 4R 49
Greene South Roundtop Hunter 3A 95
Greene Spruceton Lexington 3A 9
Greene Stony Clove Hunter 3A 98
Greene Warner Creek North Hunter 3A 56
Greene West Ashland Ashland 4R 136
Greene West Hollow Ashland 4R 85
Greene Westkill Lexington 4R 263
Putnam Adams Kent 3N 163
Putnam Boyds Corner North Kent 3N 253
Putnam Dean Pond Kent 3N 186
Putnam Horse Pound Brook Kent 3N 1,020
Putnam Kent Hills Kent 3N 118
Putnam Knapp Road Kent 3N 187
Putnam Lockwood Carmel 3N 448
Putnam Long Pond Carmel 3N 32
Putnam Mount Nimham Kent 3N 81
Putnam North Putnam Kent 3N 32
Putnam Richardsville Kent 3N 193
Putnam Taconic Kent 3N 119
Putnam West Branch Headwaters Putnam Valley 3N 564
Putnam White Pond Kent 3N 197
Schoharie Bearkill Conesville 4G 110
Schoharie Bluebird Road Conesville 4R 222
Schoharie Bull Hill Conesville 4G 90
Schoharie Hubbard Hill South Conesville 4G 110
Schoharie Hubbard Hill Conesville 4G 290
Schoharie Manorkill Conesville 4G 240
Schoharie McGregor Mountain North Gilboa 4P 32
Schoharie Mount Royal Conesville 4R 279
Schoharie Road Seven Gilboa 4R 148
Schoharie Washington Street Prattsville 4R 31
Schoharie West Conesville Conesville 4G 240
Sullivan Blue Hill Neversink 3A 296
Sullivan Bungalow Brook Neversink 3A 38
Sullivan Chestnut Creek Neversink 3H 90
Sullivan Conklin Brook Neversink 3H 213
Sullivan Denman Mountain Neversink 3A 186
Sullivan East Neversink Neversink 3H 1,597
Sullivan Moore Hill Neversink 3A 125
Sullivan North Side Neversink 3C 230
Sullivan Pine Patch Neversink 3C 69
Sullivan Red Brook Headwaters Neversink 3H 300
Sullivan Schumway Road Neversink 3H 176
Sullivan Smith Road Neversink 3H 103
Sullivan South Hill Neversink 3H 385
Sullivan Sugarloaf Neversink 3A 93
Sullivan Sugarloaf Mountain Neversink 3A 195
Sullivan West Neversink Neversink 3H 1,194
Ulster Acorn Hill Olive 3C 220
Ulster Ashokan North Olive 3C 1,316
Ulster Beaverkill Woodstock 3A 422
Ulster Beetree Hill Woodstock 3A 319
Ulster Big Indian Cluster Shandaken 3A, 4R 256
Ulster Birch Creek Shandaken 4R 181
Ulster Black Road Olive 3A 75
Ulster Boulevard Road Hurley 3C 76
Ulster Broadstreet Hollow Shandaken 3A 58
Ulster Chichester Shandaken 3A 26
Ulster Deer Kill Creek Wawarsing 3C 347
Ulster Diamond Road Wawarsing 3H 146
Ulster Dinch Road Denning 3A 75
Ulster East Mountain Wawarsing 3C 238
Ulster Herdman Road Shandaken 3A 18
Ulster Ladleton Denning 3A 431
Ulster Lost Clove Shandaken 3A 162
Ulster Mink Hollow Woodstock 3A 623
Ulster Olderbark Woodstock 3A 186
Ulster Oliverea Shandaken 3A 79
Ulster Peck Hollow Shandaken 3A 48
Ulster Piney Point Road Olive 3C 370
Ulster Red Hill Knolls Denning 3A 157
Ulster Rochester Rochester 3C 17
Ulster Romer Mountain Shandaken 3A 15
Ulster Rose Mountain Shandaken 4R 213
Ulster Shandaken Shandaken 3A 43
Ulster Sheridan Mountain Shandaken 3A 108
Ulster Sholam Wawarsing 3C 240
Ulster South Mountain Olive 3C 285
Ulster South Rondout Wawarsing 3H 708
Ulster Sun Mountain Olive 3A 46
Ulster Sundown Denning 3C 116
Ulster Traver Hollow Olive 3A 25
Ulster Trout Creek Wawarsing 3C 1,429
Ulster Watson Hollow Olive 3C 23
Ulster Warner Creek South Woodstock 3A 156
Ulster West Shokan Olive 3C 102
Ulster Wittenberg Woodstock 3C 280
Ulster Woodland Valley Shandaken 3A 19
Ulster Yagerville Denning 3C 434
Westchester Angle Fly Somers 3S 269
Westchester Big Peninsula North Castle 3S 327
Westchester Louden Point North Castle 3S 180
Westchester Muscoot East Lewisboro 3S 160
Westchester New Croton** Yorktown 3S 208