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Opportunities on City Lands

Although the majority of land in the watershed is privately owned by local residents, New York City is also a watershed landowner with responsibilities for managing nearly 34,000 acres of reservoirs and approximately 150,000 acres of water supply lands. Although DEP’s primary management goal is watershed protection, a significant portion of City-owned lands is open to the public for a variety of recreational uses and other opportunities.

Agriculture & Forestry
DEP allows agricultural uses of City-owned watershed lands when these uses are compatible with water quality protection. DEP also promotes long-term management of City-owned watershed forests through regular forest improvement and restoration projects.
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Land Use Permits
DEP issues Land Use Permits to applicants who request the temporary use of City-owned water supply lands for specific proposed activities such as the maintenance of utility lines or special projects such as recreational trails or ball fields. DEP also allows certain uses of City-owned land for short-term, low impact activities such as fund-raising events or scientific studies.
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Reservoir Levels

Current: 87.3%

Normal: 78.3%