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Land Use Permits

DEP issues Revocable Land Use Permits to applicants who request the temporary use of City-owned water supply lands for specific proposed activities. Land Use Permits help to protect water quality by allowing DEP staff to review the proposed activity and set conditions for the applicant to follow. Land Use Permits are typically issued to public authorities, municipalities, government agencies, and utilities (installation or maintenance of electric, cable, telephone, water, sewer and gas), but also to not-for-profit organizations who may request access to City lands for special projects such as recreational trails or ball fields.

Land Use Permits may also be issued to individual and commercial enterprises for certain purposes where adjacent property is situated such that no alternatives exist other than using City property. In these instances, the permit recipient may be charged an annual fee based on the activity and this flat may increase each year by a cost of living adjustment or through a reimbursement to the City for taxes on the parcel used.

DEP also allows certain uses of City-owned land for short-term and low impact activities such as fund-raising events or scientific studies. There is no charge for these types of activities but interested parties must submit a completed application at least 30 days prior to the activity. Depending on the proposed use, the application process can be lengthy because it includes a careful review of the permit application and supporting materials by multiple DEP staff with specialized scientific, engineering, real estate or legal knowledge.

The Rules governing DEP’s revocable land use permits for the use or occupation of City property can be found here:

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