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The New York City Water Supply System

The New York City Water Supply System provides one billion gallons of safe drinking water to New York City’s 8.5 million residents every day. The system also provides about 110 million gallons a day to one million people living in Westchester, Putnam, Orange, and Ulster counties.

History of the NYC Water Supply System
The New York City water supply system dates back to 1677 when the first public well was dug in lower Manhattan. Today the City’s water supply system is not only an engineering marvel and but one of the largest unfiltered surface water supply systems in the world.
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Water Supply Reservoirs

Water Supply Reservoirs
The New York City water supply system is comprised of 19 reservoirs and three controlled lakes which are located up to 125 miles from the City’s five boroughs and are interconnected by a complex series of tunnels and aqueducts.
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Programs for Landowners and Homeowners
We offer a wealth of program opportunities and incentives that are available to help watershed landowners and homeowners voluntarily protect water quality and become good environment stewards.
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Watershed Water Quality Annual Report
This report provides a summary of the scientific work conducted in 2016 to manage the water quality of the New York City water supply and to provide information for regulatory agencies and the general public.
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Maps & Documents
Water Supply System Maps

Reservoir Levels

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