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Applicant Guides

To assist watershed residents and communities with preparing regulatory applications for DEP review and approval, and to expedite the project review process overall, DEP has developed the following series of Applicant Guides for specific projects:

Now Available

Coming Soon

  • Applicant’s Guide to Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems;
  • Applicant’s Guide to Wastewater Treatment Plants;
  • Applicant’s Guide to Sewage Collection and Sewer Systems, Service Connections and Discharges to Sewer Systems;
  • Applicant’s Guide to Administrative Appeals;
  • Applicant’s Guide to Hearings on Cease and Desist Orders;
  • Applicant’s Guide to Variances;
  • Pathogenic Materials, Hazardous substances and Wastes, Radioactive Materials, Petroleum Waste Products, Human Excreta and Holding Tanks, Solid Wastes, Agricultural Activity, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Snow Disposal, and Storage and Use of Winter Highway Maintenance Materials;

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