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Property Management and Trade Professionals

Property Management

Schedule of Water Conservation Seminars for Building Managers

The New York City Departments of Housing Preservation and Development and Environmental Protection are continuing to co-sponsor a series of introductory water conservation seminars for building managers, superintendents, home owners and the public.

Multi-Family Conservation Program

The Multi-Family Conservation Program (MCP) offers owners of multiple family housing consisting of six or more dwelling units, an option to elect, in lieu of metered billing, billing based on a fixed charge per dwelling unit if the owner invests in low-consumption plumbing hardware and fixtures, and cooperates with DEP in conservation efforts in their buildings. The objective of the program is to promote water conservation in multi-family buildings and to give owners of such buildings a measure of control over their water and sewer costs.

** Please note, earlier literature on this program mentions an outdated application deadline for the MCP. The New York City Water Board voted on November 20, 2008 to eliminate the current application deadline of December 31, 2008 and to also end the current date for ending “frontage” billing which had been scheduled for June 30, 2009. The current end date for frontage billing is June 30, 2012. The current end date for frontage billing is June 30, 2012. New MCP Guidelines will be an issue for discussion at future Water Board meetings. Please also note that the per-apartment charge under this rate changes every year if water/sewer rates change. The current (July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010) charge is $840.82 per apartment per year. No other MCP requirements have changed since the original literature was published. Please watch this space for announcements of future changes. DEP strongly recommends that any building considering the MCP rate request the installation of an AMR transmitter as soon as possible to maximize consumption information for their building.

To apply to the Program, print out the documents below, fill out the application form and send it to DEP at the fax number or address listed on the form:

The Reimbursable Metering Program

Private meter installation with reimbursement is designed to provide owners of residential properties the opportunity to have their water meters installed by a Licensed Master Plumber of their own choosing. It also provides all property owners, both residential and commercial, with the ability to use their own licensed plumber to replace existing "entire premise" ("EP") meters that are no longer functioning properly.

This alternative is provided because the New York City Water Board and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recognize that metering can be a mechanically difficult task in some cases, that it may need to be coordinated with other work in the building and/or that you may prefer to have your own plumber perform this work prior to the City contracting to have meters installed or replaced in your building or home. If you choose to have your own plumber meter your building, you will be reimbursed in the form of a credit on future water and sewer bills.

To learn all about private installation and replacement installation with reimbursement, including the Reimbursement Schedule and maximum reimbursement amounts, read the:

Application for Separate Commercial Meter Billing

This is an application for owners who previously had a separate meter for a commercial tenant but that meter has been superceded by an "entire premises" meter. If the owner qualifies through this application he will be able to hire a licensed plumber to perform work to install a new meter for the commercial tenant. That new meter, along with the existing "entire premises" meter will together cover the entire property and both will be billed by DEP.

To apply for a separate commercial meter, print out this application, fill it out and send or deliver it to DEP:

Trade Professionals - Engineers, Plumbers, Building Managers, etc.

List of Approved Water Meters and Related Equipment

For the approved list of meters and related equipment, read the following:

Water Meter Permit (For Licensed Plumbers)

The application is intended for a licensed plumber who is installing, replacing, relocating or repairing a water meter.

To apply for a water meter permit, print out this application, fill it out and send or deliver it to DEP:


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