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Meter Readings

How a Meter Measures Water

Water meters are mechanical devices and most work in a similar manner. They have a measurement device in an "inner chamber" that is calibrated to record the amount of water that goes through the meter. Most meters in one, two and three family homes record water in tenths of cubic feet. A cubic foot of water is approximately equivalent to 7 1/2 gallons of water. (You could actually use a five gallon bucket and measure it filled one and one half times, which would be roughly equal to a cubic foot.)

If you feel that your meter is recording incorrectly, you may request a "meter accuracy test" be performed on your meter. This test is not free and the service fee of $180.00 must be paid before a meter test appointment can be arranged. Please call our Customer Call Center at 718-595-7000 during business hours and speak to a Customer Service Representative for more information about the service.


How to Read a Water Meter

All water meters approved for use by DEP read much like a car odometer. To learn how to read your meter properly, read the following:

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

DEP is automating its meter reading capabilities to improve customer services for its customers. The new AMR technology sends accurate readings to a computerized billing system up to four times a day, eliminating the need for estimated bills and meter readers visiting customer properties.

New Payment Options
Water Charges

Reservoir Levels

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