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Customer Service

Contact Customer Service for water and wastewater (sewer) billing and account information or to access a host of customer services including service inspections, repairs, and detailed information on incentives and payment options. 

Contact Customer Service

Borough offices (weekdays from 9am to 5pm):

Bronx – 1932 Arthur Avenue – 6th Floor
Brooklyn – 250 Livingston Street – 8th Floor
Manhattan – 1250 Broadway – 8th Floor
Queens – 96-05 Horace Harding Exp. 1st Floor
Staten Island - 60 Bay Street – 6th Floor

Customer Service Call Center
(718) 595-7000
Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm
Saturday, 9am to 2pm

Understanding and paying your water and sewer bill

All properties within New York City that receive Water and Sewer service from the NYC Water Board via the Department of Environmental Protection are billed for those services in the form of Water and Sewer bills. Most properties are billed based upon consumption at the premises, which is measured by a water meter at the head of the water service pipe where it enters the building. Each property connected to the ‘system’ should have at least one Account, (but there may be several), which details the method of billing and is usually mailed to the property owner quarterly.

How You Are Billed
Image of a bill
Meter Readings
Customer Account Information
Frequently Asked Questions

Dispute Resolution

DEP now offers an easier way for water and sewer customers to file and resolve billing disputes. Simply fill out a Customer Dispute Form online, print, and send the completed form to DEP’s Customer Complaint division. The new, standardized form will enhance the dispute resolution process, and ensure that all billing matters are resolved quickly and efficiently. For more information, contact DEP’s Customer Call Center at (718) 595-7000 Monday through Friday, 9AM to 6PM, Saturday, 9AM to 2PM. 

Download DEP’s Customer Dispute Form (Completion Instructions Included) (PDF)
Dispute resolution overview (PDF)
Refund and Transfer of Credit Application (PDF)

Ways to Save Water

Water is a precious resource. It's important to use water wisely, particularly during extended dry weather. See these water-saving tips and other conservation measures to save money on your water bill while conserving the supply.

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Property Management and Trade Professionals

DEP administers customer programs, such as the Multi-Family Conservation and Reimbursable Metering Programs to assist property and building managers. Engineers, plumbers, and other professionals can find lists of approved water meters and other equipment.

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