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New York City's Wastewater Treatment System

How Water Gets to Us

When you take a shower or brush your teeth, do you ever wonder where the water comes from? Or, where it goes? You’re about to learn how water gets to us and what happens to water once it disappears down the drain. In both cases it travels through a remarkable system of pipes. Safe clean drinking water arrives in our homes, is used for cooking, cleaning and drinking, is sent down the drain, is cleaned and then released into the waters surrounding New York City

Table of Contents

History of New York City Water
Wastewater Treatment Process
Where Sludge Goes
How New York City Protects Its Water Environment
Environmental Concerns
Pollution Control Programs
Diagram of Treatment Process
How You Can Make a Difference
Map of New York City Plant Locations and Capacities
New York City Wastewater Treatment Plants
DEP Sludge Vessels
Wastewater Treatment Plants Before Modernization

Reservoir Levels

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