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Why DEP is Constructing Rain Gardens in Your Neighborhood

Rain gardens can improve your street by reducing ponding, providing summer shade, and greening your community. Most importantly, rain gardens improve the environment by allowing rain to be naturally absorbed into the ground instead of flowing into the sewer system. DEP has successfully installed thousands of green infrastructure practices like rain gardens across the City.

DEP engineers selected the sidewalk in front of your property after thoroughly evaluating the conditions on and beneath your street. This evaluation ensures that the rain garden will work properly and be safe for everyone on your block. After construction is complete, DEP staff will continually inspect, maintain, and clean the rain garden.

Concerns about rain gardens?

You can always call or email us to ask questions or share your concerns about rain garden construction or maintenance.

We understand that some homeowners with special situations may prefer not to have a rain garden constructed at all.

You may request not to have a rain garden constructed in front of your home, if you are a homeowner of a one-, two-, or three-family house and your home meets one of the conditions below:

  • A resident with a valid parking permit for people with disabilities, issued by the New York City Department of Transportation, resides in your home
  • An in-ground sprinkler system has been installed in the grass strip along the curb in front of your home

If your home meets one of the conditions above and you would prefer that DEP not construct a rain garden, please let us know within 30 calendar days of receiving your construction notification letter by

Fill out my online form.

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