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2012 Green Infrastructure Pilot Monitoring Report

NYC Green Infrastructure Plan: 2012 Green  Infrastructure Pilot Monitoring Report coverA pilot implementation and monitoring program is a key element of DEP’s adaptive management approach to implementing green infrastructure within New York City, where lessons learned are used to guide future planning, design, and construction efforts. Beginning in 2010, more than 30 green infrastructure source controls have been constructed and monitored as part of this pilot program. These controls include right-of-way green infrastructure like enhanced tree pits, rooftop practices like blue roofs and green roofs, subsurface detention systems with open bottoms for infiltration, porous pavements, and bioretention.

Monitoring efforts through 2011 and 2012 have primarily focused on the functionality of these controls and their impact on runoff rates and volumes, along with water and soil quality and typical maintenance requirements. Monitoring analyses through 2012 have demonstrated that all pilot source control types are providing effective stormwater management, particularly for storms with depths of one-inch or less.

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