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Other Services for Residents

Residential Water Survey

DEP offers free leak surveys for the City's water and sewer customers. Some small commercial properties including restaurants may also qualify for this service. Written reports which summarize the survey findings are provided to all owners/managers of the surveyed properties.

To request a Residential Water Survey, fill out this application and send it to DEP at the fax number or address listed on the form:

Grease Disposal Tips to Help the City's Environment

Guidelines to help keep our sewer system running properly and avoid service disruptions.

Rain Barrel Giveaway Program

Rain barrels capture stormwater from your roof and store it for future use, such as watering your lawn or garden. As part of its citywide effort to reduce stormwater runoff and create a more livable, sustainable city, DEP initiated the Rain Barrel Giveaway Pilot Program in 2008 in Queens Community Boards 12 and 13. This pilot program will help DEP determine the effectiveness of rain barrels in New York City.  The initial pilot was such a success that DEP has decided to expand the pilot in 2009 to provide barrels to homeowners in Queens Community Boards 12 and 13 who did not receive a barrel last year.

Waste Disposers

New York City has lifted the ban on food waste disposers (a.k.a. Garbage Grinders) in domestic sinks in areas served by combined sewer systems.

Protect Your Water Meter and Pipes from Freezing

Most water meters and pipes are in basements, crawl spaces, and other unheated areas, where cold winter temperatures could cause them to freeze. Homeowners are responsible for protecting meters and pipes from freezing.

Drought Response

When a drought emergency is declared, water-use can be restricted according to the City's drought regulations.