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NYC DEP and NYS DEC Encourage Fishing in the Catskills

Boating for Anglers

Boating for the purposes of fishing is allowed on New York City reservoirs to those individuals with the appropriate DEP Access Permits and Boat Tags. Anglers must store their fishing boats at one of the 240+ designated storage areas. Some of these boat storage areas may be closed to the placement of new boats due to overcrowding and maintenance needs.

All boats must be approved, registered and steam cleaned by DEP. Anglers who want to register a new boat must first obtain a valid DEP Access Permit and then call the DEP office nearest to the reservoir of interest to arrange for a steam cleaning and registration appointment. Only then will anglers be issued a DEP Boat Tag and have numbers placed on their boats (these numbers are used by DEP staff when inspecting boat storage areas and monitoring compliance with DEP Recreation Rules). There is no cost for these services but they must be performed at one of the DEP Offices listed below before any boat is placed on a reservoir.

  • Ashokan Reservoir: (845) 657-2663
  • Schoharie Reservoir: (607) 588-6231
  • Rondout and Neversink Reservoirs: (845) 334-7152
  • Cannonsville and Pepacton Reservoirs: (607) 363-7009
  • East of Hudson Reservoirs: (914) 232-1309

Rowboats that have been abandoned on City-owned lands or confiscated by DEP due to non-compliance with the Watershed Recreation Rules are collected by DEP and made available during an annual public auction (typically around mid- June). For more information about this opportunity, please refer to the 2017 Boat Auction Notice (PDF).

Expired Boat Tag Renewal

This past year, DEP has implemented an expired Boat Tag reminder system. You may have received a phone call or email informing you that your boat tag has expired and must be renewed. In order to avoid having your boat removed from the reservoir by DEP, you must renew your boat tag immediately.

To renew your boat tag, you can fill out and return the original renewal form mailed to you over the summer. If you didn’t receive or have lost the form, please download and return the Expired Boat Tag Renewal Form. If you did not receive your boat tag renewal form, please log onto our Access Permit system to make sure your mailing address, phone number and e-mail records are correct.

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