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February 22, 1999

Contact: (718/595-3601)

New York City Water Board Regulation No. 1

PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the New York City Water Board is considering an addition to its Regulation No. 1, which would expand the "Reimbursable Metering Program Program" currently in effect.

The Reimbursable Metering Program allows owners of unmetered properties or owners with outdated or malfunctioning water meters the opportunity to have meters installed/replaced by licensed master plumbers of their own choosing, and to receive reimbursement from the Board. Reimbursement is in the form of a credit to the property's water/wastewater account which can be applied against current or future bills or may be refunded to those customers who are eligible and so request. The credit is equal to the scheduled amount or the actual amount paid to a plumber for each type and size meter installed, whichever is less.

The proposed expansion in the Program would allow owners to be reimbursed for the replacement of detector check valve assemblies ("DCV"), in addition to currently available reimbursements.

Specific details about the program, including the schedule of reimbursement rates and information regarding the operating and application procedures are provided in DEP's "Reimbursable Metering Program" booklet. Copies of the booklet may be obtained by contacting Warren Liebold, Director of Technical Services/Conservation, Bureau of Customer and Conservation Services, Department of Environmental Protection, 96-05 Horace Harding Expressway, 1st Floor, Corona, NY 11368-5107, telephone (718)595-4657.

Members of the public who wish to comment on the expanded program to the Water Board may do so in writing to Kevin Kunkle, New York City Water Board, One Lefrak Plaza, 59-17 Junction Boulevard, Corona, NY 11368-5107, telephone (718) 595-3601. The deadline for submission of comments is March 27, 1999. Following the period allowed for public comment, a proposal concerning the addition of DCV's to the Reimbursable Metering Program will be submitted for consideration to the Water Board at its next scheduled meeting, on or about April 15, 1999.


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