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September 16, 2001

Contact: (718/337-4357)

Notice to Building Owners Located South of 14th Street, Manhattan

Building Maintenance Issues Involved in Reopening Buildings Closed Since 9/11/01

Air Circulation Systems: Building owners are advised that air circulation systems not operated since Tuesday must have their filters replaced before the system is restarted. Systems should be run on a recirculated air setting and not on fresh air, if possible, until the WTC fire is extinguished.

Asbestos or other Hazardous Materials situations: Owners/managers should have possible contamination problems, indoors or at roofs, reviewed by competent professionals (i.e., R.A.s, P.E.s, Asbestos Inspectors, etc.) prior to beginning clean-up of buildings with maintenance personnel. Where no problems are noted, proceed with clean-up. Where problems (i.e., HazMat) are noted, contact DEP as indicated below.

All issues regarding air asbestos and/or hazardous material clean-up should be directed to the Department of Environmental Protection's complaint center at 1-718 DEP-HELP (337-4357). Help center operators will refer your call to Asbestos and Hazardous Materials staff from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day including weekends until such time as the Mayor's office declares the emergency over. Staff will review each case individually on the telephone and verbally approve clean-up activities--paperwork to follow. Emergency situations which arise outside of these time frames will be handled by help center staff taking down the caller's name and contact phone number and notifying personnel on stand-by who will then contact the caller directly.

Open Water tanks: Building owners are advised that water tanks not operated since Tuesday must be completely drained from the cellar, flushed, cleaned, refilled and plumbing systems flushed before having the building reoccupied. You should contact the water tank cleaner who normally performs this yearly operation for you to arrange for this cleaning, if possible.

All other water pressure, sewage, noise and air quality complaints should be directed to 1-718-DEP-HELP.

More Information

NYC Department of Environmental Protection
Public Affairs

59-17 Junction Boulevard
19th Floor
Flushing, NY 11373

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