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HEAT Campaign

What is HEAT?

The Hydrant Education Action Team (HEAT) Program, sponsored by New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), was created in 2007 to educate communities about the dangers of opening fire hydrants illegally during the summer months. When hydrants are opened illegally during the summer months, up to 1,000 gallons of water are pumped out per minute. This can decrease water pressure and jeopardize firefighters’ ability to put out fires. The HEAT Program strives to increase the use of spray caps on hydrants and urges New Yorkers to PUT A CAP ON IT!

Working with SoBRO:

This year, DEP is partnering with the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SoBRO) to make a difference in those communities that are most affected by illegally opened hydrants (Manhattan CB 12, Bronx CBs 4 and 5). Together, we plan to have a successful summer helping preserve New York City’s precious drinking water. Throughout the months of July and August, HEAT teams will be in several communities in the South Bronx and Washington Heights speaking to residents and business owners. They will also make presentations at local schools, community centers, and other neighborhood events.

Staying Cool this Summer

Think you won’t be able to stay cool during the summer months? Not to worry! As an alternative to opening a hydrant illegally, anyone over 18 years old can visit their local firehouse to get a FREE spray cap installed at their hydrant. By using a spray cap, the amount of water pumped out is reduced from 1,000 gallons per minute to a safe level of just 25 gallons per minute. Also, local pools, parks, and recreation centers provide services to get through the heat waves of the summer. Check out what is in your local community board!

Bronx Community Board 4

  • Claremont Park (Anthony Ave. bet. Mount Eden Pkwy. and E. 170 St)
  • Mullaly Park (Jerome Av to River Av bet. E 164 St and McClellan St at Cromwell Ave)

Bronx Community Board 5

Manhattan Community Board 12

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Want a HEAT Team to come to your neighborhood or event (limited to locations in Manhattan CB 12 and Bronx CBs 4 and 5) – or want to send us a story or picture showing how you PUT A CAP ON IT!, please email us at HEAT Program.

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